Thompson starts another fight as Bully issue simmers

Judge recuses himself from Bully case while Florida lawyer turns his attention to Mortal Kombat: Armageddon for "an unauthorized commercial exploitation" of his likeness.

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THWIP4466d ago (Edited 4466d ago ) if somebody f***ing kills his annoying ass. How's THAT for irony? :|

calderra4466d ago

Jack already forced games like The Sims (and GTA) to get re-rated because of third-party mods that the developer had absolutely nothing to do with.

I'll actually bet that he'll win this case, and from now on, developers will have to watch the options available in their create-a-character modes.

Not because he actually has any kind of case, but because the American legal system is THAT f'ed up.

BlackCountryBob4466d ago

The create a character models can look like real people??? SHock horror, what next, ban pencils and paper as it turns out that using them people can create images of actual real people!!! Jesus Jack, an old guy with grey hair, it could just as easily be a model of Bill Clinton as you, get a life!

NitrogenB4466d ago (Edited 4466d ago )

This guy seriously needs to get a life, new profession, something...he has way too much time on his hand.

THWIP4466d ago

...Bill Clinton is actually COOL. It's his b1tch wife that has a hard-on for slamming the gaming business with Thompson. They really should just get married...Bill would be MUCH better off without her. :|

BlackCountryBob4466d ago

I never said Bill Clinton wasn't cool, I said he was an old bloke with grey hair! Can you really deny that is true?

BIadestarX4466d ago

I can understand why this guy is doing this; and it has nothing to do with games... It's one of those politicians that want to pretend they are doing something good. Here is where the taxes we pay go.

death monk4466d ago

Yeah, it's also just so he can get his name out there so people can hire him in future cases.