Opinion: A Wii-remote controller for 360 is a sure sign that Microsoft is giving up the console fight

There's excitement in Xbox land thanks to MTV breaking news that Microsoft is gearing up to release a motion sensing Wii remote wannabe by the end of the year. The news is a long way short of an official Microsoft announcement and it comes from some shady 'insider source', which could mean anything from a high ranking Rare employee blowing the whistle to the wildest imaginings of the latest work experience kid.

But for the moment we'll assume it's true - that Microsoft is releasing its own motion sensing accessory which gives a Wii remote like experience to Xbox 360 owners. We'll also assume that because Rare is supposed to be in charge of it, it'll be a reasonably solid design with some half way decent launch titles.

Now, how and why does that affect the PS3? Because it indicates that Microsoft is giving up the battle for the high end market and that it is moving its focus to the larger, so-called 'casual' player base.

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PS360WII3870d ago

hmm so motion sensing games can only be casual? Last time I checked the PS3 has motion controls as well... are all those games casual that use motion?

QuackPot3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

view motion control is for casuals.

The Wii is a casual gamers console and has implemented motion control ideally with it's Wii-mote. The ignorant conclude that the wii-mote equates to casual gaming and kiddie games.

But the informed gamers knows that the wii-mote is ** FIRST AND FOREMOST ** a controller.

Developers will design games to utilized the benefits of the controller. Just imagine how Epic, Infinity Ward, Valve, Incognito, Insomniac, etc would utilize a wii-mote controller for their titles.

As much as I hate Microsoft, well done if this news is true.

The Wii-mote, X-mote & Play-motes are the future.

Bring it.

kevoncox3870d ago

This guy is an idiot.
Ms is trying to bridge the gap.

Right now its:
Casual Hardcore
Wii Ps3/360

MS is trying to make it

It seems smart to me.

sonarus3870d ago

That is the problem. Their chances of success and incredibly slim. Keep in mind that every resource be it time, money or whatever asset goes into games is just one resource not going into banjo kazooie, killer instinct or whatever game rare is working on.

For microsoft to make this work, they will need to invest a lot of resources for marketting and advertising into it and that just means less attention for other 360 games. At the end of the day, most likely outcome msoft lose and so do gamers because of the wasted resources

kewlkat0073870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Sixaxis is a total failure...I mean PS3 is still a hardcore/casual console(depending on the games), so why is it all one sided all the sudden if this was to happen?

"all the sudden resources are taken away from the hardcore sector unto the casual sector"...Sony does both while Nintendo has one way of playing most of its games, so no gimmick there.

Only on n4g people come up with this jibber-jabber .

sonarus3870d ago

Not the same thing. Six axis works because it is built into the controller. If 360 duplicated sixaxis functions like what you have in the ps3, it would make a lot more sense than creating a separate peripheral.

Ask yourself this question. How many games will microsoft support with this realistically before they start to consider it useless. Now imagine if all that time that led to inevitable failure, they had spent it making games. Its not a big loss for gamers and it is not a big loss for msoft either but it is a loss nonetheless

Alcohog3870d ago

Haha Quackpot...what an appropriate name for a post like that! I don't know whats funnier, the possibility of this being true or your support of it! HA HA HA!

Amanosenpai3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

@kevoncox, loved your post cause:


But i must disagree, MS cannot waste time with this casual "fiasco", MS is plenty of strenghts to explode, i mean, improve live, improve hardcore releases etc... come on.

mikeslemonade3870d ago

This motion control will be as successful as the vision cam.

uie4rhig3870d ago

won't the 360 get RROD'd when it tries to handle the that controller?


but really its not a good move coz the 360 already got a standard controller, this must become just like the EyeToy/PSEye (as in there will be games for it, but limited and not all).. simply coz this 360mote (got to name it don't we?) won't support all games, simply coz not all developers will be bothered to create an unnecessary patch (as in just for the 360mote) but honestly, they won't be able to make this 360mote become standard on 360, unless they give free 360motes to everyone who already owns an Xbox 360!


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HeavyweightInTheGame3870d ago

I dont think they are leaving the hardcore market. I think they are trying to expand their market and introduce new demographics to their userbase. It seems to me like they are expanding their marketshare with this idea. It may work, it might not. I think they should just stick with the hardcore fanbase.

LastDance3870d ago

But they are trying TO hard. Im all for expanding markets n stuff. But do they even THINK before they act on ideas?

Their quest for world dominence comes off like a new kid at school trying to fit into the cool crowd.


LightningPS33870d ago

Because they see the sales.

That's about it.

Ariexv3870d ago

You guys do realize according to Game Informer SONY is making a motion controller as well right?

InYourMom3870d ago

that doesn't count.. It's Sony.

So a site called "PS3" ( says MS is surely giving up the console fight.


consolewar3870d ago

Sony doesn't need this gimmick s*it, and if they do come up with something like this then..............only then it's ok. Now sssshhhhhh.

jonboi243870d ago

hey ariexv, i thought the six-axis and dual shock 3 already have motion sensor?

well anyways, as far as microsoft making a wii-mote rip-off i think its just gay but i'm not surprised they already ripped off the ps2 buzz controller.

Alcohog3870d ago

There were rumors that Sony was making a wii-mote like peripheral for the PS2, and just yesterday actually, they said it is not happening.

Milky3870d ago

This is why I didn't buy an xbox 360, nothing creative comes out of msoft, they just COPY.

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MorganX3870d ago

They're not giving up, but it is lame. If Sony makes one they're lame too.

troylazlow3870d ago

they already did it's called sixaccess, see how well that took off????