Rock Band dev: "We're not trying to screw people".

Harmonix, developer of the rather excellent Rockband, has today told that it is "not trying to screw people" with the high price of the game.

Today publisher EA announced a May 23 European release for Rock Band on the Xbox 360. The game has been confirmed to have an "exclusive launch window on the Xbox 360", with the game available on additional platforms later this summer.

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TriggerHappy3843d ago

Yes, you are. I hope no SANE person pays this amount for it. Just do an import.

FreeMonk3843d ago

Harmonix, you are screwing us all over.

Ok, let's take into account the VAT, there's still no excuse to why EA and Harmonix couldn't include the game into the package like the US version.

It cost £70 for Guitar Hero 2 & 3 with the game, yet it costs £60 for just the Rock Band guitar without no game!!!! How do you explain that??

They could of included the game for Free with the instrumenal pack, hence the VAT won't affect it because they are not selling it!!!

Keep going with the excuses, we are not buying it!

Lucreto3843d ago

So even with the big launch window the 360 won't be selling many copies.

I see the package selling more when te PS3 version comes out by then I hope the devs come to there senses

wow4u3843d ago

of course you do. of course you do. *rolls eyes*.

Everything costs more in EU. The fact taht its exclusive Xbox 360 launch doesnt mean anything.

but of COURSE you would try and paint it otherwise... because you're such an honest, neutral observer.

monks3843d ago

this is rip off euro to much

i will not be buying at that price and because they feel this price is justify i wont even import

i am sick of people trying to rip us off

explain why the points cost is twice as much for dlc 160 euro where usa is 80 points

i can accept the VAT issue but still way over inflated

decapitator3843d ago

Can't believe he actually thinks like that. Not everyone one is rich you know.

Lucreto3843d ago

I wonder if the PS3 version will be any different. This type of game is popular in Europe especially on the Playstation consoles and I wonder is there a conspiracy going on against MS.

wow4u3843d ago

A conspiracy against MS? Are you part of it? You sure act like you do.

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The story is too old to be commented.