Sony Doesn't Have Manufacturing Capacity to Meet Blu-ray Demand

Crunchgear writes:

"Despite Blu-ray's utterly devastating victory earlier this year, Sony may be in a spot of trouble. Seems the company has a bit of a problem manufacturing the discs (I swear I've heard that before), and since it's the the biggest producer of The Blu (that's how cool kids say Blu-ray), it could be the biggest obstacle to the format's success. Not that that really matters, since in five years we'll have a new format."

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Captain Tuttle3847d ago

I guess if you have to have a problem with your product that's a good one to have. They'll just hire some chinese company to make them on the cheap.

decapitator3847d ago

Yeah except that people might get fed up and tired of waiting. Hope they can somehow step up the production to meed demands. I mean its Sony so am sure they will. Their specialty is hardware.

Bleucrunch3847d ago

Sony will meet the demand I am not worried about, but I would love to see a decrease in new blu-ray movie releases....say $23 bucks and old movies $15 bucks.

craymoogy3847d ago

well, new movies in costco is 27 and old ones are 18. That's close enough.

Genesis53847d ago

Oh I'm pretty sure they will find some way to make discs. I hear Toshiba has a disc manufacturing facility just sitting there not doing anything.

sonarus3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Is it blu ray players that can't meet demand or is it the discs themselves?

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Syko3847d ago

This sounds like a BS excuse to keep Blu Ray at $35 a new movie. As long as it doesn't effect Amazon's low Blu Ray prices I will be fine though....Still seems fishy IMO.

Syko3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )


"Call it a casualty of winning the war too soon. Now that Sony's Blu-ray technology has emerged the victor in the blinked-and-you-missed-it high-definition format war, the real struggle is just beginning. It looks as if there is no chance there will be enough Blu-ray discs to meet global demand this year, say analysts at Screen Digest.

Now that chief rival HD-DVD (backed by Toshiba and Microsoft) has been consigned to the scrap heap, global demand for Blu-ray discs is expected to jump three-fold in 2008 to a minimum of 43 million units, Screen Digest says. The problem is that production capacity can hardly match the surge. The top producer is Sony itself. Sony DADC's unit is investing in extended production line capacity to produce 38 million discs per month by October. This would meet just 60 to 70 per cent of global forecast demand, Screen Digest says.

Greater than expected demand is great for Sony's bottom line, but consumers will feel the pain. With production capacity being outstripped so far by demand, expect disc prices to remain at a premium."

The last paragraph says it all...

Spinner3847d ago

If you're buying BD movies for $35 a pop, you're getting ripped off. Stop shopping at Best Buy and start shopping online.

Syko3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Your reading comprehension is truly piss poor....Read it again. Slower this time.

"As long as it doesn't effect Amazon's low Blu Ray prices I will be fine though....Still seems fishy IMO."

meepmoopmeep3847d ago

i don't know about you but the movies here are 25-30... still expensive but dvds were that much when first out

sonarus3847d ago

I agree with syko. Those prices were supposed to drop to 20bucks this yr. WTF

RecSpec3847d ago

Well only 7 and a half months to go.

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Yo Mama3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Decrapitator is a shill or someone's alt account. Look at his history. He didn't hardly post at all until hd-dvd lost, then his post count skyrocketed.

decapitator3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Erm, what ?
Because I was studying how things work on this site. I have been a member since last year but just recently decided to post. If you check my post history, you would also see that I submit more "HOT" news than anyone on this site. comprehend yet ?

Yo Mama3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Nope. My money is on you're actually "Bloodmask". I haven't seen him around in a while. Or "Power of Green". All I know is "Decapitator" is your alt account. That I'm certain of.

decapitator3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Blood who ? Erm, I was competing with him for the number one spot last month in case you did not know and I won actually. You shouldn't go of making assumptions you don't know.

Hint: Look at the bubble count, You don't make that much bubbles overnight.

EDIT: Why would they make an alt account instead of using their actual account ? Am baffled by your claims.

Harry1903847d ago

your comment lacks logic,what good an alternate account would do for posting stuff?
It would be stupid.
Anyway,back on topic:sign of a flourishing venture.

Danja3847d ago

If he was bloodmask im sure all his post would have something to do with bashing Sony....Decapitator is one of the best contributors on the site...Bloodmask is still contributing news also..check last month top ten.

C_SoL3847d ago

z-sumthing (forgot how to spell it)
and a few other names....
decapitator is the finally the matured nasim....
If its not him, then what the hell happened to nasim or shmee?

wallace10003847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

I would bet good money nasim and shmee were the same person. Decapitator couldn't be nasism or shmee (if the two are actually different). Nasism and shmee both bled bubbles like they were going out of style because they couldn't make one comment that wasn't stupid. Decapitator has lots of bubbles, if you don't make half decent comments most of the time then you wouldn't have that many bubbles. That is unless he has a fan club that give him positive feedback no matter what he says :-P

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Absinthetic3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )


"Demand for The Blu is expected to JUMP this year to 48 million units; Sony only has the capacity to manufacture 38 million, and that’s after an upgrade to its facilities."

that doesnt make any sense. why would they not be capable of making more than 38 mill over the course of the rest of the year?

I understand if they cant produce that all at once, but demand isnt going to shoot up overnight either

I dont see how this is much of a problem, Sony isnt the only company producing blu ray

Premonition3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

I have an advice for sony, till you meet demand, promote the PS3 for now as a blu ray player till you get the problem solved.

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