Xbox One and PS4 Launch Title Comparison

OnlySP: We here at OnlySP are very excited about the next-gen lineup. Both the Xbox One and PS4 have a lot of amazing exclusive launch titles coming up, but which console's launch titles better fit your gaming taste? Let us take a look.

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slimeybrainboy3524d ago

Why does this article compare exclusives at launch? Surely it should compare all the games that are available on one console and not the other? I don't know about you but at launch I won't be less interested in a game because it's not published by the console manufacturer.

ThatKanadianKid3524d ago

Well, some people might make their decision based on what's available right at launch. Some people will make their decision just based on that.

slimeybrainboy3524d ago

I know, that's what I'm saying! I'm just saying why not include third party exclusives too?

Wingsfan243524d ago

Because games like these are usually why people decide one console over another. The majority of third party games are also multiplatform.

RyuCloudStrife3524d ago

the Xbox One up until today looks to have a better launch line up.. but both systems have great games coming to them

lastofgen3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago ) can actually pick these up at launch...when a good number of people will be buying these consoles.

There are launch game comparisons and there are other comparisons. This falls into the former. It's as simple as that.

NumOnePS3FanBoy3524d ago

even then only few of those exclusives shown by ms will be available at launch. This is what people seem to forget

Jaces3524d ago

why don't we wait to compare launch titles after ALL exclusives have been revealed. We still have Gamescom and TGS ladies and gentlemen. I, for one, am super excited for GC..mainly because I'M ATTENDING FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!

Yea, really couldn't hold it in. :D

PSVita3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

I wasn't too interested in knack but after seeing that gameplay ill defiantly pick it up. I love platformers and this looks to be a great start for them on the PS4.

Blacksand13523d ago

Launch titles don't so you enough look the games that are coming out next year. People hype about X1 launch exclusive you seen what happen on 360, MS stop making games. What if the 20 exclusive and the one's they make every year, is all the exclusive they have and they just make 3rd party after that look the 360. PS4 don't have the best launch you know the games are coming, maybe not at the beginning but you know they are coming.

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ThatKanadianKid3524d ago

I wish Infamous: Second Son was a launch title, that and Killzone would have me set. On the other hand I wish Titanfall was a launch title on Xbox. So many options, ugh.

Relientk773524d ago

Because you're mentioning games you wish were launch titles

I'll say Destiny also, to go along with the ones you mentioned

Wingsfan243524d ago

Stop it lol. I'll add The Division to that list..

rigbybot1273524d ago

Titanfall, Metal Gear Solid V, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Final Fantasy XV...

Stevino1233524d ago

Titanfall is coming to PS4, it's a timed exclusive to Xbox One.

No_Limit3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Have anyone seen Titanfall on PS4???? Me neither. So it is exclusive until it is stated otherwise. Even if it is just Timed exclusive, it will surely help Xbox One sales in the beginning because true gamer that want to pay the game, you will buy a Xbox One and play it, waiting is not an option.

Bluepowerzz3523d ago

but a true gamer wouldnt buy the xbox one id rather get a wii u im not some kid who was born in ps2 launch and thinks the xbox 1 is golden i was a gamer since the ps1 days so i know which company to follow.

LarVanian3523d ago

Have anyone seen Titanfall on PS4???? Me neither
_____________________________ _________________

Didn't people say the exact same thing when questions came about regarding Bioshock, GTAIV DLC and Mass Effect coming to PS3? Thought so.

The_Con-Sept3523d ago

@ No_Limit: No footage of Bioshock, Mass Effect, GTAIV supposed exclusive DLC packs, or even Braid were shown on PS3. These titles were declared to be exclusive to the Xbox 360. They even produced disc based copies with "Only on the Xbox 360" printed on the top right corner of the box.

It is 2013 and the PS3 has those titles.

Titanfall is just another small project from a team that wants to make a profit. Eventually they will port it to PS4.

The word Exclusive no longer holds its definition. The only way to tell if it is a true exclusive is time itself. Making arguments such as yours are a fallacy. Titanfall is on a timed exclusive contract. We will get the game after you play it on xbone and get all the glitches worked out for us. Laters beta tester!

t3rrorc3ll3523d ago

And it will take 2 people a week to port and have running with more detail and higher fps.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II3523d ago

Titanfall is coming to PS4, it's a timed exclusive to Xbox One.

Its on the PC.

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Virus2013524d ago

I would have liked to see Deep Down be a launch title.

Kaiou3523d ago

Can we get FFXV on there too while at it. That would rock.

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Shad0wRunner3524d ago

Doesnt matter for me.

Im buying my PS4 for the hardware, at launch. I already know im gonna have to wait a bit longer on the games I really wanna buy. Unfortunately, not many of those are launch titles.

illustratedDEO3524d ago

not to worry there is f2p games available day one

Omegasyde3524d ago

I respect your opinion. I am hoping that Oculus rift will be support on both consoles asap.

I really want to play outlast and daylight with a 3d viewer.

FanboyCrusher3524d ago

Buying a console for the hardware? I'm ashamed to be called a gamer alongside you. Hardware is nothing if you can't use it right (not saying that they won't) but we have consoles that still to this day hold value over over the competition of it's time, and they had the lesser hardware. The Wii come to mind? Yeah the most lucrative console ever made says hello. Hardware doesn't mean a thing, especially with consoles.

Shad0wRunner3524d ago

Said noone ever.

You ever see PC elitists saying "hardware doesnt matter"? No, you dont. And you never will. PC gamers will go out and invest thousands of dollars for the BEST hardware, just so they can play the best games with the best optimization quality.

Same concept applies to consoles. Hardware elitists care about how much RAM it will have, care about GPU and CPU and clock speeds.

Unless you really want to advocate running your games on a low end, inferior console...go ahead. Thats your preference. But I dont fall into that category.

FanboyCrusher3524d ago

By your stupid logic the PS2 was a turd just because the Xbox existed. PC is for the hardware junkies, consoles are for those who want to be able to hang out and play great games with a controller on the couch. You forget one thing, and you said it yourself. PC elitists care, just like the only ones that care on the console side are the fanboys. If hardware mattered as much as you think we would only play PC games.

Sorry dude, specs don't matter on console.

Shad0wRunner3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Sorry dude, I stand by my comment on hardware and specs.

Stick your head in the sand all you want, but without next gen hardware sporting next gen specs...there would be no next gen consoles or no next gen games...and there would be no evolution between the two.

Specs do matter. Like it or not.

lastofgen3524d ago

You're going to be buying it for hardware??
That's your money and opinion, but I think that's silly. Hardware is just a part of everything.

Shad0wRunner3524d ago

I think you guys misunderstood me.

I am indeed buying the PS4 for the hardware, because I am one to go with the best tech on the market. Why buy a pinto when I can buy a Bugatti, lol. The games I want, wont come out until AFTER launch date. Second Son, FFXIV, Elder Scrolls Online, Thief, Diablo 3, and The Witcher 3. These are not launch games.

So untill they come out, Im buying my PS4...for the sake of the hardware. I might get Killzone tho.

xxxsiegezzz3523d ago

Why all disagrees? If consoles doesn't have to have good hardware why no to buy wii u then? or keep your old console?
I thought that the idea of new console generation was that the consoles have better specs not new exclusives that could have come to previous gen

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rigbybot1273524d ago

Knack is my most-anticipated of the launch titles, though this is coming from a platforming man, so don't mind me. Other than Knack, I'd say the best is Dead Rising 3, which looks amazing. Killzone also looks damn good.

sincitysir13524d ago

Mine too!!! I love games like these because it adds so much diversity! What once was the majority is now the minority so I take all these platforming action adventure games and love them! Preordered knack!