Top Five Ways to Increase Your Online Pwnage

Sarcastic Gamer's resident pro gamer: PacManPolarBear dispenses knowledge on how to up your pro game and dispose of the noobs.

From the article: "I've been a competitive gamer, with an eye towards actual prize money/rewards and tournament play, since Mortal Kombat 2 was still raging through local arcades. Since then, games like Starcraft, which remains one of the most played competitive online games on the planet, along with COD, Halo, Supreme Commander and many more, have opened the doors for intrepid gamers the world over to stand up and say "I AM 1337!!!""

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Ice2ms3898d ago

Woo pro FPS player status here i come.

Technically I'm already a pro (pro is winning tournaments right) Guitar Hero player ( It still counts though it only requires reflexes)

Always wanted to go to a FPS tournament. =]]