Kikizo GTA IV Preview 5: Multiplayer Hands-On

And, with some fifteen types of multiplayer mode on offer, it's fair to say that Rockstar is NOT messing about: this is arguably as much a fully-fledged online multiplayer experience as it is an epic, 60-hour-plus singleplayer story, all in one game. Unlike, say, Call of Duty 4, which is a proper multiplayer game with a five-minute singleplayer campaign.

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Alcohog3849d ago

Do we really need EVERY website's GTAIV multiplayer impression?

Lord Vader3849d ago

Most hyped game in HISTORY. Yes, supassing mighty Halo 3 ! Those were ad's paid for by M$, freaking every gaming website has released a "GTA IV review/preview" on a daily freakin basis. It is getting ridiculos = this game will NEVER live up to the hype no matter how good it is now.