New Screens for Halo 3 DLC

Pictures of the brand new Halo 3 map pack that will be released early next week. A mess of new screenshots for the new maps and Forge options.

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Breakfast3940d ago

Too bad, i cant play these until my box gets fixed.

This is probably gonna be my most favourite map pack ever though.

Lockout :)
Sidewinder :) :)

Shadow Man3939d ago

I can't play until I buy a new xbox live subscription... Damn u microsoft!

wallace10003939d ago

This does look like a great map pack. It would be nice if they made a ranked playlist for them along with a social one, instead of just the social one that they had for the heroic map pack.

3939d ago
FourtyPoundSteak3939d ago

booo Halo.. most overrated trash out there.

TurdStationPee3939d ago

A Lockout remake is one thing...but SIDEWINDER??!?!?! OMG!F*CK YES!

and lmao @ the top three screens. The first one looks all brown and green with no color, like MGS4; then the second one looks black and white, like Krapzone 2; then we finally get the beautiful vivid color of Halo 3. That's what I'm talking about. Sucks it, droids.

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