Judge caught playing solitaire

Anyone could be forgiven for wasting a bit of time on a sunny Friday afternoon when the World Cup's about to start, and sinking to playing a bit of Solitaire on the PC hardly seems like that much of a sin - but obviously you wouldn't want to do it if you were, you know, trying an alleged mafia boss for murder.

Unless you were federal judge Shira Scheindlin, anyway - who this week caught some flack from the founder of civilian anti-crime group the Guardian Angels, Curtis Silwa, for doing just that, during the trial of John A. (Junior) Gotti no less.

Silwa alleges that Scheindlin, a Manhattan Federal Court Judge, was playing Solitaire on the PC while he was busy testifying against Gotti in racketeering trials. He didn't bother pointing it out at the time, but did recently after Scheindlin made things difficult for he government trying to prosecute Gotti for his role in orchestrating a 1992 shooting that nearly killed Silwa.

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10 Movies That Could Be Really Great Video Games

Great stories come in all shapes and forms; while some people would rather watch movies, some others prefer the interactivity that only video games have to offer. For some reason, the practice of turning popular movies into console games has fallen out of fashion in recent years – and that’s terrible news for both film aficionados and gamers alike.

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FreeckyCake6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

They already made a couple of " The Mummy " games, and honestly, they all sucked big time. The Last one I've played was the game iteration of Tom of the Dragon Emperor, and that was disappointing.

Dredd has been made into ... I think 4 games? the last one I played was Judge Dredd vs Death. It was based on the comics, and it ended in a cliffhanger. If only a sequel were to be made...

Edit: Still a great topic, though!

I think the closest you can have to Kill Bill is No More Heroes 1. The vibes, the coolness, the gore and everything just screams Kill Bill! Kill Bill! Kill BIll!!!! haha


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An interview with the Founder and CEO of Just About - a new community platform that unites fans and pays them fairly for creating the best content and conversation on the internet.

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Move over hot dog spaceship, aspiring Starfield chefs are recreating in-game dishes in real life

Starfield roleplaying isn't enough as some fans are now recreating iconic in-game dishes in real life like the Chunks breakfast.

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