Pocket-lint: Everybody's Golf World Tour Review

Pocket-lint writes: "So you like golf, but not really interested in the realism found in Tiger Woods? Well, Sony are hoping that Everybody's Golf World Tour on the PS3 will appeal to you. But does it? We hit the imaginary fairway to find out.

Broken down into a number of modes the crux of Everybody's Golf is the Challenge mode where you can not only unlock other elements of the game (not until you've played some 72 holes), but also pit yourself against a number of courses to see whether you've got what it takes to win.

There are two ways of controlling your golfer, Traditional and Advanced and while the two sound different in reality it's just the way the hit meter is graphically shown on-screen. On the Traditional option it takes the form of a bar that runs from right to left and back again. The Advanced option on the other hand, is a decreasing circle and you have to hit the "x" key at the right time, or it's a bum shot."

The good:
-Easy to pick up
-cute graphics and gameplay

The bad:
-Can't return back to main menu in-game
-Have to play a lot of golf before you start unlocking elements

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schommerc3844d ago

if you hold L1+L2+R1+R2+start+select you can return, in-game..