Unreal Tournament 3: Master Chief model gameplay

PS3 Addict shows the Master Chief (Halo) character model in action, with the 3rd person cam and the extra gore mutator.

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Fishy Fingers3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

lol... No video needed for moi, I have the mod :)

Serious question, why don't more of you PS3 gamers play UT? (free sh!t!)

destroyah3847d ago

it's a shame a really. they're still playing the extremely overrated COD4.

anyway great vid. i love using the extra gore mutator.

Jamaicangmr3847d ago

Forgive my laziness but how does one install the mods?

NegativeCreepWA3847d ago

I've never liked Unreal, that's why I don't. The weapons are to overdone for my taste.

Agente473847d ago

To install the mods just put the file in a pen and import inside the game. Google it for details.

yanikins1113847d ago

Put your time limit up to about 15 minutes. Full bots, Gore mutator, easy setting, Now load up that biometal map. Froze my PS3 in about 2 minutes but might take longer for you. Its insane. I had killed half the bots 3 times before their gibbed bodies had dissappeared. It just chokes that mighty cell right up. I recommend it cos it looks cool. HINT: try the mini gun one primary fire.

BTW, ps3 still works fine. Just a matter of flicking the switch on the back of the console, leave it for 30 seconds (hell im a cautious guy) and turning it back on.

boodybandit3846d ago

because of all the mods. I just ordered a mouse and leyboard setup from Logitech because some of the mods, characters and upgrades are so much fun to play. The game is awesome. I rarely every have trouble finding a nearly full midway server to play on.

Jamaicangmr if you PM me I will walk you through finding and installing mods. Or you can simply google it. I use a flash card and my PS3 browser to get the mods. It's a breeze to do. Warning! Once you start you will be ADDICTED!

shysun3846d ago

Shysun look me up on PSN. I just starting to love this game.

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LeonSKennedy4Life3847d ago

Lemme answer that one for you.

They like Call of Duty's style more. They want slower gameplay and leveling up.

I'm more of a UT guy myself, but most gamers these days aren't.

Kleptic3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

its not the slower gameplay that I like...its the more realistic gameplay...

and as it stands right now, CoD 4 simply has better functionality for large groups of friends...I still have yet to get the mic support working correctly in UT3, as do most of my friends...and the party system can be a mess if you are all searching for a bigger game...

I love UT3...and I love CoD 4...but don't make it sound like playing CoD 4 is an easy way out...

anyway...send me a friend request...if there are guys that regularly play UT3, I am all for it...but I am pretty much finished with only playing random people...way too many guys on my list are always playing CoD 4; it just feels lonely in UT3...

joydestroy3847d ago

yeah, me too.

PSN: joydestroy

khellendros13847d ago

It's really a shame. You would think that word of mouth would have gotten more people interested but it hasn't. Most gamers are really like lemmings. They just kind of fall inline to play certain games. I haven't played COD4 so I can't comment on that but I have played the OTHER big FPS which I won't name, and I think UT3 is every bit as good a game. More so in some aspects. It just came out at the wrong time.

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kenshin22up3847d ago

UT3 is a great game and yes it's a shame people don't play it more often! But thing is the mod support is still a bit too much of a hassle for most players and let's face it, COD4's online system is very appealing. Experience points, challenges, unlockables.. all ingredients for addictive play. UT3 is a bit bland compared to it and the thing that adds spice to it (mods) is too much of a hassle and doesn't work for the most parts for online play. I don't know if this has been fixed but I could not get map mods to work online, nobody would join my game with the new maps.

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