Playstation 3 Makes Baby Dolls Cry

The first Playstation 3 Commercial features a possessed baby doll that cries when it sees a PS3.

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BIadestarX4466d ago

Disturbing... I don't even want to know why it cries.

D R Fz4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

Come on guys, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the point of this commercial. Just use your minds for a moment and think; It's October and what does that mean? Halloween? Exactly. Now in order to market a product, you don't only appeal to the people watching your commercial by just showing your product, you have to be considerate of the atmosphere, mood and the season. Since Halloween is coming soon, many people are in that phase of mind, especially children--scary movies are coming out, people are getting candy ready, and children are getting their costumes. Therefore, Sony made a remarkable choice of selecting the babydoll and giving it human characteristics which made some of you "scared". And that is just a segment of what Sony was trying to get across. The next part takes place when the baby is crying and when you look into the doll's eyes as he stares at the ps3, you can see what resembels Resistance Fall of Man, being played, which the whole theme of aliens taking over the world once again ties in with the theme of Halloween--fear. Once again, as you have now come to understand why Sony chose this commercial, you cannot feel anything but reassurance that the ps3 will prove itself worthy of adapting to your every need. Thanx Sony.

eques judicii4466d ago

why are the ps3 commercials so scary... they are the polar opposite of the 360's jump in commercials...

Maddens Raiders4466d ago (Edited 4466d ago )

I saw it live during game 4 of the World Series in 5.1 Dolby Surround. I must admit, I was a little frightened. I started lookin' around the room and sh**. Damn, I hope there's a happy ending. LOL

Marriot VP4466d ago

wow, what's more out of touch, the ps3 ceo's or this commercial

Bill Gates4465d ago

I don't know but I'm glad your mother keeps in touch with me....hahahha LOSER

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The story is too old to be commented.