Spong Feature: GTA IV Multiplayer Hands-On

Spong writes: "You see, it's quite nice when you get a chance to do something that makes you feel better than any of your friends. Yes, I'm like that, and yes, I'm a bit of a fanny for it – but how bloody good would you - a fan of games, a lover of the industry and a slave to the series that is Grand Theft Auto - feel if you got invited along to an intimate session of GTA IV multi. So I'll get straight into salacious estimations of GTA IV.

Visually, it's brilliant. It's not the best thing to grace our screens 'this gen', it's not the most polished, but what has been achieved is a beautiful formula of grit, grime, city life and crime engulfed in sun, or fog, or rain, or bullets, or car debris, or anything, something and everything. And I know I'm already sounding slightly pretentious, but I'm trying to portray what I felt when first thrown into Liberty City. Pedestrians and traffic, trash cans and stores, statues and skyscrapers. All of this I probably shouldn't be worrying about, or paying so much attention to when what I'm meant to be discussing here is the multi-player aspect, but all of this aids in the promise of a fantastic, sandbox-style multi-player heaven."

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