Shacknews: Ninja Gaiden 2 Hands-on Preview

Shacknews writesL: "Many will still look at the sequel as a foreign instrument, too intimidated to pick it up and practice. This is a mistake. Every fan of over-the-top combat and ridiculous video game violence owes it to themselves to play a part in this hilarious symphony of carnage.

In fact, Ninja Gaiden II is probably the most violent rhythm game you'll ever play. For those new to the series, the idea here is all-out ninja action, with an emphasis on careful timing and pure speed. Each blocking pause and staccato strike must be precisely timed, a continuous refrain of action and reaction, with the eventual reward of gory victory.

And oh, the gore has never been this plentiful. Every swing of the sword spills another bucket of blood across the stage, to the point that lead character Ryu becomes more of a Pollock-style painter, desperately wanting for a rain coat. "

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poopface13940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

when he said that the enimies, on any difficulty, could kill you in any single encounter. Thats why I loved NG1 so much. in most 3rd person games like this it just seems like the enimies are waiting for you to kill them unless you boost the difficulty. I cant wait for a demo. I already know ima gonna buy this day one.

ohh yeah-- one good example is AC. They dont even give you another difficulty in the game to make it less "easy as crap". so no matter how many enimies are surrounding you, you only fight one at a time. I liked AC more than most(from what Ive heard) but there was no reason to sneak cause I could allways kill all the enimies, or kill so many that the rest would run away. In NG if you dont play well, you die.