TXB: Grand Theft Auto IV Multiplayer Hands-On Preview

TXB writes: "There are still a lot of questions to be answered about all that GTA IV will have in its the single-player and multiplayer portions, but one thing is sure from the time we've had with a controller in our hands playing it in early builds: GTA IV is going to offer hours of fun.

Speaking specifically of the multiplayer side, we can't say how many different modes there are, but we did play four modes that showed both the diversity and focus that Rockstar has in its offering. There's some traditional stuff here and some fresh aspects as well, with design twists that should keep players interested and coming back for more. For instance, much like Burnout Paradise, multiplayer gameplay can be accessed within a single-player game by pulling up your phone and using the D-Pad to access the multiplayer selection from the menu. How nice you don't have to exit out to the title screen and select multiplayer from there. While we didn't mess with it too much, you'll also be able to customize your character's look a bit, with selectors for things like hair, head shape, torso shape and, of course, what the character wears."

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