As of September 30th Xbox 360 Sells 6 Million Units Worldwide

Microsoft released today its first fiscal quarter earnings report, beating Wall Street estimates. The software girant announced a revenue of $10.81 billion for the period ended September 30, 2006, an 11% increase over the same quarter of the prior year.
The company informed that the revenue of its Entertainment and Devices Division, which includes the Xbox business unit, growth of 70% over the prior year, driven by demand for Xbox 360 console, games, peripherals, and Xbox Live.
The report revealed that the Xbox 360 has sold 6 million consoles worldwide life to date and achieved record cumulative attach rates for software and peripherals in the United States, while Xbox Live passed the four million member mark during the quarter.

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Daewoodrow4469d ago

here's the official report. I've heard people talking like this is a bad thing. Sales of 6 million at the end of september, accounting for the sales boom that always begins from around October for christmas, means that even though Microsoft may not make 10 million by 2007, they will definitely get over 9 million. That's good enough for me.

Daewoodrow4469d ago

oh, and

this chart shows that as of september, sales in North America (3.6 million) are far exceeding expected growth, placing Xbox 360 sales at second only to the PS2, at the sttepest incline ever at this point in time (in the last two generations).

The chart suggests that sales at september are typically doubled by the boom by february of the next year, which would suggest North American 360 sales will reach 7.2 million next february, compared to the PS2s, 8 million at the same time. The general impression seems to be it is a close second most successful console launch year.

Boink4469d ago

escpecially since it's the slower time of year.

the games are selling great as well. which is good for developers.

I wonder if these numbers include anything from the launch in india and the other spots they recently launched?

shoota334469d ago

No excuses MS will not make 10 million by 2007 and maybe not even 9 million.Maybe just maybe they can get another 1.5-2 miilion more sold by the end of the year,because after ps3 comes out its all over.

FadeToBlack4469d ago (Edited 4469d ago )

They will probably sell over 10 million by 2007 because the ps3 wont be on shelves probably untill at least march 2007. I want a ps3 eventually but there is no reason for me to spend over $600 to play one great game they have launching which is resistance. But reguardless the 360 will get a sales boost from the lack of ps3 availablity. Oh not to mention the lineup of great games like GOW, Rainbow Six Vegas, COD 3, FEAR, Viva Piniata, and Alan Wake.

FamoAmo4468d ago

Also wanted to add the FIRST CONSOLE TO 10 MILLION sales has won every single console war!! And with the 360 game lineup it looks more like Sony is dead once released beatch!

Wotbot4467d ago

I have loads of gaming friends who all have PS2's. Only half that number have purchased a 360, but none of them are going to purchase a PS3 because of the high retail price. And as for me the gamer who has bought every console at launch, I am going to wait until next Christmas and thats on the assumption that Sony drops its price, otherwise I will wait until they do.

But as for gameover for the 360, I don't think so, theres too many good games coming out for it, and the console is at a price most parents can afford.

Looks very good for the 360 at the moment.

NextGen24Gamer4469d ago

You are talking about ps3 american sales to 360 american sales. Not the same story. The 360 didn't just launch in America and Japan. The 360 spread itself out over many countries with the first ever world wide launch. So, yeah it could have dedicated all the units to america and easily break any ps3 american record held. But they chose to do the world wide simultanious launch. So you really can't compare. But you can say this. Regardless of territory...the 360 is the fastest selling console in history. No console has ever had 6 million units sold by september. That leaves October, November, and December. Which just so happens to be the biggest months for consoles and video games when the supply actually meets the damand. They are right on schedual to sell 10 million by the end of the year. 4 million in 3 months worldwide with Gears of War leading the way. November will see sales of 1.5 million minimum. And December will be easily a 2 million console worldwide selling period. Then even if you say only 500k in October can easily see how 10 million is right on track to their sales forcasts. Thanks Microsoft. You let the whole world from Africa to Asia to Europe to Australia to Japan to America enjoy the greatest next gen console there is. And sure sony fans will say...well you aren't selling as much in the usa as ps2 did in the same period. But the leave out the fact that MS isn't focused on the usa only. They have spread them selves out all over the world. They know the usa is their territory with games like Gears of War and Halo 3. They are trying to take over the world. And boy oh boy are they doing it in a major way.

HyperBear4469d ago

Its good to see that the 360 is doing well, and i also find it funny, that Call od Duty 2, is still the #1 most played 360 game, thats all i ever play online, that just goes to show how good of a game or better it is than Resistance(although i havent played RFOM, so i wouldnt know). But its good to see that M$ is doing well and that the best console around is getting its props. Oh and um TopGamer, still waitting to hear from ya, if you are getting 2 PS3's and if you were to sell one to me, how much would you ask it for? (just in case I cant get one on Nov.17, im lookin for other alternatives, preferably you, cause you just live down Seattle and im just north in Vancouver). COD3 - FINALLY PLAY AS CANADIAN!!, CANT WAIT - ONLY GOOD ON XBOX 360.

Daewoodrow4469d ago

I know mate. I think these figures are excellent. What I was trying to point out was that from a North American sales standpoint (North America being the easiest region to pull figures from), the 360 is doing perfectly well and holding its own. Alot of people feel let down that they are still 4 mill away from their goal, I was simply trying to ease their minds.

zypher4469d ago

6 million? i doubt they'll sell 4 million in 2 1/2 months, meaning that they probably won't reach their goal of 10 million by 2007. i say MAYBE 7.5 million, or maybe even 8 million, but definately not 10 million. i don't even think the DS can sell 4 million units in two months. still, 6 million for the 360 is pretty good, considering the limited quantities that will be available for the PS3 during launch. now, if Sony can indeed muster 6 million by March 07 like they claim, then this will be a pretty interesting race to say the least. as it stands i guess a 11% increase in profit is a good thing for Microsoft, whose game division has done naught but cost the company money every since 2001. its good to see them finally turn a profit: now maybe the 360 will last for at least 5 years unlike its predecessor

and to topgamer, the 360 isn't the fastest selling console ever. PS2 at the very least matched those numbers, with a total in the neighborhood of 10.4 million units sold after a year of being on the worldwide market (from 3/2000 to 3/2001).

Daewoodrow4469d ago

3 months, these figures are only acurate as of september. So they have sold an unknown number of consoles during this month. It is not uncommon for console sales to double during the five months of october to february. So assuming that would make sales at February 11-12 million, it is fair to say they could make 9 million by Christmas.

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