MI6: Moore: Marketers are 'Backbone to Our Industry'

The third MI6 Conference has officially started and chairman Peter Moore has reminded the attendees how crucial game marketers really are to the industry.

In his opening remarks for the third-annual MI6 conference in San Francisco, EA Sports president and MI6 Chairman Peter Moore said it was the "only conference for interactive entertainment marketers." Moore, a noted marketer himself, said that the audience of game marketers and brand managers "are core to our mission," further calling that group the "backbone to our industry."

These marketers have a mandate, however. "Marketers must continue to reach core gamers, of course, and extend into the mainstream," says Moore.

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v1c1ous3849d ago

the new head of Microsoft Game division doesn't know his ass from his face!

he's running the brand into the ground!

Horny Melon3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Isn't this the guy that over saw the dreamcast? Man that console was sick the second one was even......oh wait.

Didn't he over see the 360?

Man my 360 is as reliable as a....oh wait.

I consider this guys career extremely successful......for himself. The companies that have hired him though, have been left in disaster.

"he's running the brand into the ground!"

No. No. No. don't think that. The new guy has been running things for what 2-3 months? He hasn't had the opportunity to run it into the ground yet. All the problems with the xbox 360 that are coming to light were Moore's doing. He just jumped ship/booted out before the public was aware of them.

zapass3849d ago

the kinda clown with a big mouth full of this kinda nonsense that suckas with a pea brain like to quote.

Horny Melon is damn right: this baboon is #1 to blame for the 360 swindle but he's planned it carefully with a timely escape before sh!t hits the fan.

Just like for Bush, where is accountability gone in this industry???
We need independent reporting and investigation more than ever.