Gamespot Grand Theft Auto IV Multiplayer Hands-On

Gamespot wrote: "When you finally explore Liberty City on April 29, you won't have to do it alone. Grand Theft Auto IV will be the first game in the series to ship with a complete online multiplayer component, supporting up to 16 players on both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. Little information has been released about how this aspect of the game will work, other than the subtle hints that Rockstar has dropped during earlier previews of the game. But with the game now finally approaching release this month, Rockstar decided to blow the lid off nearly all the multiplayer game modes, showing us Deathmatch, Cops and Crooks, Racing, as well as much more. Taking the form of an entire day's play testing at the company's London offices, we were literally able to take Rockstar on at its own game"

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Lord Vader3897d ago

Good read until...

"other issues we encountered were occasionally dropped animation frames when the action became frantic."

I guess it's to be expected. It'll be an awesome game, but I doubt any game can live up to the hype this one has.

chaosatom3333897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

if gamespot prefers the 360 version.
I am pretty sure that if ps3 is better, they would still give it a lower score. Or i guess even, since they won't wanna lose any readers.

funkysolo3897d ago

I think Sony needs to ramp up advertisement for PSN...I play COD4 everyday and can only thank sony for it being free...It works like a charm...Save $60 on GTA4 and play online for free...or pay $60 for gta4 and $60 to play online....tough choice

3897d ago
HelloBabe693897d ago

i want to know if it has split screen