CVG: GTA IV Multiplayer Preview - Liberty City, 16-players, no holds barred

CVG wrotes: "CRUNCH! The rim comes flying off of the back wheel of our armoured security van, burst by an eagle-eyed copper aiming from a pursuing cop car. We battle to control the battered van as it swerves across the Liberty City highway, with twenty police cars burning metal behind us, eager to ram us into the nearest lamppost.

The entire Liberty City SWAT team is on our case, after we managed to snatch a notorious criminal boss from their custody at the Francis International Airport. But it's only a short stretch across the city to sweet, sweet freedom, and the rendezvous point is in site...

Suddenly it looks like it's all over; two loaded-to-the-teeth attack choppers emerge above the sprawling concrete horizon, miniguns aimed and poised to turn us into a flaming chunk of twisted metal. Our task to escape with the NPC convict looks almost hopeless, until we realise that not all the helicopters in the sky are being flown by the police..."

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