Sony's Sad Financials Sting

Sony reported its income for the fiscal period ended September 30, and as predicted times are hard for the company. Sony's net quarterly profit dropped to 1.7 billion yen (approx. $14.7 million US) from the 28.5 billion yen (approx. 241 million US) from the year earlier. On the upside, overall revenue for the quarter rose 8 percent to 1.85 trillion yen (approx. $16 billion) from the 1.7 trillion yen (approx. $14 billion US) from the same time a year earlier.

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super bill4468d ago

there you go ken your company has had it.

videl4468d ago

who cares ? do you care that america has so much liabilities that they will never pay them back ? is america dead only if they have so much liabilities ? i dont think so. the only purpose of this article is to bash.

ASSASSYN 36o4468d ago

I like how the exact opposite financial status is on the Xbox 360 link.