How to Get the Best and Cheapest Blu-ray Player

BURLINGAME, CALIF. - When Sony's Blu-ray defeated Toshiba's HD DVD player in the high-definition media format war, it seemed like life would get easier for consumers.

But figuring out what to hook up to an HD television is still far from a cakewalk as at least three different variations on the Blu-ray standard have emerged. Thankfully there is a simple answer, although it's not one that Sony likes to advertise: Buy a PlayStation 3. It's not only the most advanced technology, it's plain cheaper than getting a standalone Blu-ray player.

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Massacre3849d ago

PStripple is your best bet.

Joey Gladstone3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

an avid Audio and Video fanatic, always happy to point my peers to the best products in terms of quality and fidelity, and can easily name quite a few other stand alone Blu-ray players that (if you are willing to spend the money) are more higher end than the PS3. But in reality The PS3 is basically going to be your best bet in terms of current pricing, easily upgradable to new features and the included options that come with it "out of the box" as it were, are a great "Bang for you Buck"...
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

trancefreak3849d ago

i didnt realize i could connect my ps3 to my 22 in widescreen computer monitor via hdmi to dvi. So now i just connect it to my pc when monitor when the old lady is watchin the tube. at 720p looks really good still for me.