DIehard GameFAN: Dragon’s Crown Review (Sony PlayStation 3)

DHGF: If you enjoy beat-’em-up games, especially Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara, then you need to check out Dragon’s Crown. Each of the game’s six character classes play differently enough that each one feels like a new experience with individualized skill sets that can be customized by the player via skill points. Co-op play can be accessed both locally and online, though the latter requires that you be at a certain point in the game, and computer controlled allies can fill in any empty slots. The experience is also quite lengthy given the genre, though it does require a good amount of backtracking in order to progress. And let’s not forget how breathtaking the artwork is. The lack of cross buy or cross play with the Vita version is certainly a disappointment, but despite that, Dragon’s Crown is worth every cent.

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