GTA 5 Release Date For Wii U, PS4 & Xbox One: What’s The Story?

We(sidtech) know that GTA 5 is coming out on the Xbox 360 and PS3 on 17th September. However there are some people asking whether the game will come out on the consoles too. There are people who want to know if GTA 5 is coming to the PC, Xbox one, PS4. We have a lot of rumours about GTA 5 and thanks to this many people to think that the game is already here.

Techie News has been talking about reports that say GTA 5 is coming to the PS 4. However the moment we don’t have confirmation of this, but there has been some rumours. Sixth Axis did say that greatness awaits, this was seen in ad for the upcoming PS4.

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vishmarx2567d ago

I HIGHLY doubt a Wii U version.
mature games hardly work on nintendo consoles.
besides given its hardware it cant possibly run the same thing that ps4xbone or pc versions will run(IF they exist)

Summons752567d ago

Except GTA chinawars broke records on the ds and people always cry out for more mature rated titles. Add that to the fact they have the game fully up and running on a WiiU mores more evidence.

vishmarx2566d ago

DS /3DS arent comparable to the wii/Wii u
my point is its atleast an year before the nexgen version releases .offcourse id be fine if they released it alongside ps360 coz ,lets be honest,thats as good as it will look.

would someone actually craving for gta v wait for an year JUST to play on a tablet screen?
or would he rather buy it now?
or wait and get a better nexgen version?
even if wii u ever gets a strong userbase do you really think gta sales on it would even be comparable?
would it really drive r*to actually work on the wii u exclusively making use of hardware intermediate to ps3 and ps4?

_QQ_2566d ago

"DS /3DS arent comparable to the wii/Wii u"
yeah lets keep saying that as long as it benefits your logic.

Imikida2566d ago

Actually Chinatownwars sold horribly on DS, that's why Rockstar ported it to PSP and IOS.

Eamon2566d ago

The only reason why Rockstar might not consider porting GTA V to the Wii U is due to the bad sales that the console is currently experiencing, hardware and software.

This rubbish about mature games or whatever. Leave it behind before you try to have a sensible discussion.

quantae062566d ago


The 3DS version actually sold more then the PSP version though. That was only one month out of a year that you mention.

quantae062566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

*Deleted Comment*

SolidStoner2566d ago

The real reason why R* is not saying anything about PS4 and xbone is because they want to see and get pre-orders for this gen, and then later for next gen..

this far Im about 95% sure that GTA5 will be on Xbone and PS4...

but still.. Im buying it for PS3 and later with updated graphics on PS4.... this is the only game I will do like this.. maybe with GT6, but about that we have no info at all...

NukaCola2566d ago

Agree, M rated games don't do as well on Nintendo systems. Chinatown Wars on DS is my second favorite GTA next to San Andreas but it did sell terribly despite the extremely high praise.

JP13692566d ago

The difference is that the DS actually sold hardware. I doubt they will bother porting to a console that sold 160,000 units worldwide April-June. Especially since the console in question also has a quirky architecture that would add to the difficulty of porting.

showtimefolks2566d ago


stop lying what broken records on DS again? it barely sold on DS that's why it came out on psp

ps4/xbox one and pc might happen

but wiiu you can bet your one year's salary isn't gonna happen unless N is willing to give RS 100 plus million just to make a port

nintendo games and mature games don't go together and its not another fan hating on N but its a fact

some of your nintendo fanboys are delusional, atleast we but 3rd party games on xbox360/ps3 while all you buy are nintendo exclusives which are pretty much the remakes of a remake

zelda HD remake one game yet $50 bucks but people cried about the fact HD collection which included 3 games were $40. Nintendo always gets the free pass from gaming media but wiiu sales are opening everyone's eyes

masa20092566d ago

First of all, this is incorrect.
Chinatown Wars was considered a disappointment on the DS for Take Two.

-Superman-2566d ago

Broke records? Hahaha
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars - 1.27 million sold(186 million sold DS and 3DS)
So, numbers are very low.

How much Wii U sold, 3 million only.
Call of Duty: Black Ops II sold - 0.19 million
Assassin's Creed III - 0.17 million
Mass Effect 3 - 0.06 million

All flops. No point to make WII U when it earns no money at all.

SilentNegotiator2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )


It accounted for 50% of M-rated games sold on DS in its entire history...meaning that DS has only sold about 2.5 million M-rated pieces of software....TOTAL (ok, maybe 3 million now, since that data is a little outdated).

That doesn't exactly scream "People are wrong about the stigma of Nintendo systems and M-rated titles"

You can't call facts "rubbish" just because you dislike them.

CaptainN2566d ago

Actually the DS version sold over a million, the PSP sold less:

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DeadlyFire2567d ago

WiiU has enough hardware to run what the PS3/X360 versions can run though with a better GPU so its likely it will look a little better than PS3/X360 versions. R* has already tested GTAV on WiiU kits. They likely will wait a year or so for install base to jump up before releasing next-gen versions.

GTAV is too big of a game to ignore next generation platforms. It will come to them in time. I will wait for it. The way this article says PS4 version very soon. Makes me wonder if Sony has a gamescom timed exclusive announcement? If so I would be surprised.

MWong2566d ago

I don't think that's what they are saying. I think they are saying GTA is a very graphic series. So they doubt RockStar would want to edit the game. They aren't talking about the power of the system

I thought I read that they aren't even thinking about porting GTA IV to next-gen consoles.

Saigon2566d ago

GTA V is holding me from turning in my PS3 and 360. I am waiting for or should I say hoping that R* will make a decision or should I say Take2 and release it for the next gen platforms. It wouldn't be hard to port the game to the next gen platform as is, but if they try and pull graphic enhancements, then that is a different story.

Fluke_Skywalker2566d ago

If it does come out on next gen consoles then it won't be announced until a good few months after the PS360 release.
That way mugs will buy it twice, that's the sort of dumb shit I do!

YodaCracker2566d ago

No way would they announce a next gen version before the current gen version releases and hurt sales.

Cam9772566d ago

Because R* are going to go out of their way to give Wii U owners a superior version, keep wishing! Oh, and it isn't even coming to the U, if anything the U version would be the worst due to the console being young.

THEDON82z12566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

I can tell you like this...On Wii U (if they do decide to create that version?) the graphics would be better than current(Ps3/Xbox360 versions)however I don't know if the computer is up too snuff.Meaning that the Engine itself(like all other third party games for Wii U)would have to be re-tweaked to pull the heavy resources(optimized for the CPU)to off-load to the GPU this is the BIGGEST investment( also no killer games and poor sales as a result) for WiiU and the reason why EA every other third-party does not want to invest the time/tech to bring there games/ Engine...My prediction (could be wrong..but [email protected]$k it)is that GTA5 will not becoming to Wii U, however 4 to 8 months after PS4 launch the PC version will Hit...with PS4 version following next, with some sort of exclusive content..however my final thought is I would not be surprised if M$ tries to get in on it somehow/someway (however I hope not)!!!!

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clouds52566d ago

Wii u is capable of running pc versions of 360 games. Most wanted u for example. It uses pc graphics and runs better than 360...
Everything is possible if the Devs are willing.

vishmarx2566d ago

only that its supposedy against ps4 and abone in a couple of months
NOT ps3 360
and its proved nothing to the 'unwilling' devs so far
fans clearly disregard all 3rd party games

2566d ago
HugoDrax2566d ago

Isn't Bayonetta 2 Mature?

vishmarx2566d ago

and how much has it sold so far...?
besides your missing my point
bayo will be exclusive
while wii u will be the least preferred platform for gta
more people will buy it on the 3ds

RioKing2566d ago

Apparently we're ALL missing your point(s) vishmarx

TURKEYonWH3AT2566d ago

Mature games? You mean like Assassins Creed, Arkham City, Call of Duty, Tekken, Watch Dogs? All on WiiU or soon to be bro. And if it can come out on 360 and PS3 it most definitely can come out on WiiU which is more powerful than both of the last gen consoles

Rainstorm812566d ago

Arkham and Tekken arent Mature games

cee7732566d ago


All the games you mentioned sold terrible on Wii u.

TURKEYonWH3AT2564d ago

If you go by ratings sure but if you go by what mature should actually mean ( blood, violence sex, drugs, language) then all those games are mature

DonFreezer2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Shut your mouth.Resident Evil , Resident Evil Zero , Resident Evil 4 and Mad World speak for themselves.Stop it with the shit that mature game do not perform well on Nintendo platforms.

sknygy2566d ago

Love how people say "Mature" games don't work on Nintendo platforms. The GameCube and Wii were home to numerous successful mature titles including several Resident Evil games.

Does classing GTA as "mature" mean that games such as The Legend of Zelda or Metroid are "immature" as they don't feature sandbox gameplay and hookers?

Rainstorm812566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Rated M.....for Mature

Or at least that was my interpetation

vishmarx2566d ago

why on earth will anyone who is crazy excited about gta v limit his options to a wii u!!!??or hell even prefer a wii u in his choice ?WHEN DID ANY NINTENDO HOME CONSOLE GET A GTA GAME?WHY IS GTA V NOT COMING ON A FAILING NINTENDO SYSTEM SUCH A BIG SURPRISE AND SO VERY UNACCEPTABLE TO YOU ?

blind fanboy logic escapes me

Benjaminkno2566d ago

snap crackle sizzle

yeah, I'm not a huge fan of GTA...

BUT I'm still crossing my broken fingers for a WiiU version.

DonFreezer2566d ago

Those ps fan trolls probably thought that Resident Evil 4 was a ps exclusive what do you expect. I had a lot of people telling me that they played the new super cool zombie game (RE4) when the game was out years before on the Gamecube with vast superior frame rate and graphics.

sknygy2565d ago

@vishmarx about because GTA: Chinatown wars is my favourite instalment in the series thats to the awesome use of the second screen, something that could be easily and exclusively replicated with the Wii U Gamepad.

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JohnS13132566d ago

I agree. Why make a version for a dying console? It's just not worth the trouble.

Gamer19822566d ago

PC version will be 2015 then a next gen console port will be 2 months later as thats how long according to Cerny it would take a small team to port.. I mean it just makes financial sense..

ibroman2566d ago

If you think properly you'd know that the wii u is much more powerful than ps360 alltho not as powerful as ps4, xboxone but next gen power nonetheless and f ps360 could run it why not wii u? It's highly possible to get a next gen version just like Cod ghosts which the wii u version is getting the next gen version.

ape0072566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Manhunt 2 is one of the most violent games ever and it's on Wii, resi was exclusive to Gamecube, eternal darkness was exclusives, tons of M rated games on N64 like Turok, perefct dark, mortal kombat, shadow man, killer instinct etc...

the whole M rated thing not being on a nintendo console is a myth.....

Angeljuice2566d ago

Resident Evil 1 was on PlayStation, I don't know why so many people are trying to claim the series for Nintendo.

Doom 64 was only allowed to be released on the N64 after the devs turned all the blood green. Nintendo has always made a stand against mature videogames, its only in the last decade that its changed stance slightly.

The no M on Nintendo 'myth' started with Nintendo.

ape0072566d ago


domm64 green blood? lol dude u know nothing about anything

-Superman-2566d ago

Broke records? Hahaha
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars - 1.27 million sold(186 million sold DS and 3DS)
So, numbers are very low.

How much Wii U sold, 3 million only.
Call of Duty: Black Ops II sold - 0.19 million
Assassin's Creed III - 0.17 million
Mass Effect 3 - 0.06 million

All flops. No point to make WII U when it earns no money at all.

Benjaminkno2566d ago

From what I understand, Activision still made money off of it, which makes your "copy, paste" argument null and void.

Zeroyosh2566d ago

If the game can run on a ps3 or xbox360, then it can run on a Wii U

Angeljuice2566d ago

It's not whether it is or is not capable of running the game that is in question, its whether or not it is worth the developers time to produce a version of the game that is unlikely to sell well.

2566d ago
2566d ago
2566d ago
slimjim352565d ago

your a dumbass, the wii u handled shaders and models just as good as ps4 in watch dogs, each console is equipped with different hardware, the devs make it compatible and great in performance, black ops 2, assassin's creed 3, batman arkham city, looked beautiful

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bub162567d ago

rockstar confirmed there is no next gen version didnt they?

either way i don't care, bring on 17th sept!!!!!

koh2567d ago

No, they've just repeatedly said they have nothing to announce currently about next gen/PC versions and are focused on PS3/XBox360 right now.

bub162566d ago

oh ok then, well i dont think i could wait any longer then 17th Sept, all my friends will be playing giving me spoilers and teasing me by the time its out on PS4

trickman8882567d ago

GTA5 will NEVER come to the Wii U. Ever.

AJBACK2FRAG2566d ago

But why leave all that money lying on the ground When all R* has to do is reach down and pick it up? Even if it sold two hundred fifty thousand units, on the Wii U R* would still make a more than tidy profit.

Drekken2566d ago

Yeah those 1 million WiiU owners will surely ALL buy GTA5.

Nevers0ft2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

That's a good idea in theory but R* still have to cover the cost of porting to the Wii U - a substantially different architecture. They'll need a critical mass of Wii U owners to make a profitable port viable... And at this rate that critical mass could be months or years away.

Personally I'm biased. I have a Wii U and would buy GTA V for it in a heartbeat. In the meantime I'll just have to run rampant in Watch_Dogs instead :)

Cam9772566d ago

But it just won't happen! It won't! When has GRAND THEFT AUTO ever been on a Nintendo home console?!? Just stop this!

sknygy2566d ago

I'd buy it, and know others would too.

quantae062566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )


Never say never! :)

Benjaminkno2566d ago

Yeah, there would be a Rockstar revolt if Nintendo fans got their mitts on a "gamepad GTA" game.

I can smell the salty sh*t in these Nintendon'ts pants now.

I could care less about the series, but it would be too good to turn away on WiiU.

ibroman2566d ago

And why is that? I thought you were a gamer, and you would support any other ones as thats what gamers (at least i think) they should do. Shut up hater troll.

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clouds52567d ago

Wii u would be awesome. Open World games NEED a 2nd screen for the map. Since I have the wii u maps just annoy me...

AJBACK2FRAG2566d ago

The game pad would be cool for weapon selection like Wii U Blops 2. Actually sitting here on my couch I can think of many different ways R* could utilize the game pad for example, while flying a plane or helicopter you could have the cock pit on the touch screen and actually control the plane by touching virtual controls. You could steer just by moving the game pad.

R_A_LEE202566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

The gamepad could also be used as the mobile phone in the game, the one used in GTA IV was just awful.

All i'd have to do on the gamepad would be touch the phone icon and the screen would then replicate the screen of a smart phone and do everything i'd need to do that way.

Ah, the possibilities are endless but of course developers these days are too lazy and un-innovated to come up with new gameplay ideas and rather focus on ULTRA REALISTIC HIGH END GRAPHICS that nobody is going to care about in 5 years time.

clouds52566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Yeah there are so many possibilities with the gamepad... Very underappreciated and probably because devs just haven't started using it. I mean in Assassins Creed III for example it could be used for soooo many things instead all you really do with it is using the extra button for mounting your horse because the map is not scrollable...

But open world games especially really profit from the 2nd screen. So in case of GTA V here are my prefered systems:
1. Wii U, scrollable map and navigation, "smartphone simulation", airplanes? So many possibilities... (as i said the WiiU has enough power to produce way better grafics and bigger worlds than ps3/360!)
2. PC, grafics, mods. Nuff said.
3. PS4/XB1, well at least they have better grafics...
4. PS3/360, I dont even wanna know how much they had to cut the game to get it to run on those ancient boxes...

So IMHO it should be on anything but the PS3/360 but thats the way the market is right now. People have ps3s and xbox360s in their home so i understand their decision. But it sucks never the less.

Benjaminkno2566d ago

Stop!! It sounds too beautiful...

There does need to be an easier way to scroll weapons. Why not have a first person view while walking and talking? Maybe even have gestures or fighting moves as icons. Why not spray graffiti on buildings with the stylus. Messages to other players online? ... see now you got me goin...

ibroman2566d ago

Actually the gta 5 mini map is a perfect fit for the wii u dont you think.