Interview with SCE engineers reveal BD-Live, firmware plans

PS3Fanboy writes:

"The interview notes that the PS3 is much more powerful than standalone Blu-ray players on the market, and that the "performance gap" won't get smaller any time soon. Because of this, Blu-ray discs can differentiate between players, and include "richer effects" on PS3 systems.

Future firmware updates will include 1080 deinterlacing and DTS-HD MA, much to the joy of serious home theater buffs. Expect updates to happen quarterly -- although the revised PS Store will break from that planned cycle."

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crunchie1013898d ago

It'll be nice when in-game XMB hits. The endless whining will stop..

momentarily at least - then everyone will be demanding in-game Home or something.

Sev3898d ago

Son of a B****

I was just about to submit this from my site.

How the hell did PS3 fanboy get the scoop on me?!?

Oh well its great info, so I will approve it.

Sev3898d ago

One thing about us Americans, is we dont like to wait for stuff, and we are very demanding... (I guess thats kinda the same thing)

So that is why there is so much whining about in-game xmb.

I got my PS3 at launch. So I have heard all the different stages of whining.

Where is custom backgrounds? Check
Why cant we connect to a media server? Check
Why doesnt the PS Store update each week? Check
Where are the demos? Check

Now we are left with the big two...
Where is In-game XMB?
Where is Home?

But once those are checked of the list we will hear.

Where is custom avatars?
Why cant I have more than 50 people on my friend list?
Why cant the PS3 give me massages?
Why cant the PS3 do my housework?
Why cant the PS3 walk my dogs?

butterfinger3898d ago

you have to admit, custom avatars would be nice:P lol

Drekken3898d ago

Custom avatars and massages sound sweet... I'm starting a petition! lol

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LiquifiedArt3898d ago

Highly Unlikely. Cause of all the perverted gamers out there. IF they did allow it you'd have to verify your avatar through Sony. Eitherway its a bleh feature. Could care less.

Drekken3898d ago

Just like the bare ass I saw on burnout when I took someone down, approved by sony!

yesah3898d ago

if sony was very firm on the issue, and banned/suspended you from PSN, i doubt many would have offensive avs, not worth the risk.

AxeCain3898d ago

I think that my experience is ever worse. I was playing Burnout Paradise City and all of sudden ppPlay joins my game I start to laugh thinking that’s kinda funny. then I T-Bone him only to get a picture of (well you know) non other than pp himself. Now that I think back it was rather funny LOL.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43898d ago

Whoever invented the PS3;) is a GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D

Kaz Hirai3898d ago

He certainly is! ;-D


Skerj3898d ago

If people had shut up last year about frequent firmware updates, we wouldn't have to wait so long now.

meepmoopmeep3898d ago

that's good about the 1080i de-interlacing for the people stuck with the old HDTV's that only support 1080i. i'm just not sure why sony is taking their time on this issue. i'm not affected by this problem but hopefully it can be resolved for those that are.

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The story is too old to be commented.