Sega Racing Studio closed

Develop: Sega's UK-based Racing Studio has been closed, Develop understands.

According to a former staff member from the studio, the Solihull-based outfit has shut down effective immediately.

Sega Racing Studio had so far developed just one game, its PS3/360 and PC remake of Sega Rally. Released in September 2007, the game debuted to fairly good reviews (with an average score around 75 according to Metacritic), but less stellar sales.

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Joey Gladstone3848d ago

I believe that Sega has had its "Day in the Sun" But they are really going to have to put out some Top Notch Games if they ever wish to retrieve their past Status with Gamers....
......."The JOEY has Spoken"

Ninja_Moomin3848d ago

Lets look at this:

1 - a studio releasing games into a crowded genre
2 - first game bombs and feels a year or more out of date when it comes out
3 - studio does not prove it can deliver innovation in a crowded genre
4 - studio closes

The end.

Frankly, I couldn't stand it if they butchered another classic Sega racer anyway. Sumo Digital proved they have the balls to do Sega racers right... hopefully they're working on Daytona as we speak.