Call of Duty 3 Single and Multiplayer Hands-On

We managed to get our hands the final code for Call of Duty 3. We give you in a sense a mini review of the upcoming World War II title brought to you by Treyarch.

and by god this game is quite literally going to blow you away...

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assjacket4464d ago

I know all the hype right now is for GOW, which I have preordered, but this game is going to be awesome fun. I really enjoyed COD2, it was my favorite launch game, so I'm sure this one will rock! Can't wait until I can go pick this and Gears up at the store, that's going to be a good day for 360 gamers.

MoonDust4464d ago

How many CODs can they create.

joemutt4464d ago

But, I love them, the more the merrier, I say. As long as they keep getting better with each one, keep 'em coming.

BIadestarX4464d ago

I think more germans have being kill in video games than anything else... I wonder if this game sells in Germany...

Krimson4464d ago

You missed COD:United Offensive

Yo Wassap4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

I wonder if they realise that the reserves of COD in the North sea are running low due to trawling. They'd better be careful coughing up all those sequels.

Yeah it looks good, the gameplay vids looked solid too, i'll wait for this one as i've blown my gaming budget for the next few months already.

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kmis874464d ago

I love the grass effects in this installment. Having the grass and stuff change as you walk over it is an awesome effect.

Marriot VP4464d ago

The only way I'm going to buy this game at christmas time is if it has incredible multiplayer which I think is at 24 players. It better be lagless, after what they gave us with COD2 I wanted to drive over to the developers and light their burn their building down. And the patch came WAY WAY WAY too late.

T-Rac4464d ago

I can't comment on laggyness as we played System Link, but even though GoW is out like 5 days after this you will be insane to miss out...

I can't freakin wait for this game...

Antan4464d ago

GOW and COD3 will see me through christmas (if i can find time to play that is, all work and no play atm..).

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