Crysis: DX9 vs. DX10 ; Did DX10 deliver on its promises?

Matthew from Enthusiast writes:

"Crysis, 5 months later. No excuses about immature drivers or API issues. We look at how Crysis DX9 compares to Crysis DX10 and what GPU is best for it. We analyze real gameplay and IQ. Did DX10 deliver on its promises? Should we stick with it?"

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decapitator3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

Vista has not a complete success so far so....

marinelife93898d ago

Microsoft always seems to have these grand ideas on doing new things that they get lazy about and poorly implement.

TriggerHappy3898d ago

Short answer: No

Long answer: Hell nah.

Fishy Fingers3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

Crysis, no, but dx10 as a whole, yes. DirectX 10 is still in its infancy and will take time to become fully utilized, like dx9 did. Anyone who knows the inner works of a GPU or DirectX knows that "technically" dx10 offers a lot more promises and should come good over time.

Dx10 is not the problem. The problem is the OS needed to run it which cripples your PC's gaming performance by around 20%. Yes, I know someone managed to get "some" Dx10 features to work on XP but this will not be the case as the software progress'
Even if complete Dx10 compatibility was possible on XP, MS will not allow it, they need at least one thing that XP cant just to encourage people to "upgrade"

decapitator3898d ago

You nailed it man. OS is the course of all of this and until Microsoft ports DX10 to vista or just make sure that DX10 is well integrated into Windows 7, things might be good.

Varsarus3898d ago

No, OpenGL kicks the crap out of it. hahahahahahaha.

jkhan3898d ago

When was the last time Microsoft delivered on its promises?

Daz3898d ago

You could say taht about alot of companys not just 1 :0

Silellak3898d ago

Ah, but see, this is N4G, where apparently the only evil corporation is Microsoft and the rest of them are looking out for our best interests.

potenquatro3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

good question.i say in my expirience,they always deliver on their promises.but they deliver them in a sinister monopolistic way.not always the way we want lol.

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