Heritage and Nostalgia: the last 40 years of Console Wars

An interesting new article, as PSBeyond toasts videogames' historical roots as they raise a glass to the mighty and the fallen in the last 40 years of Console wars...

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Rozgar233849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

About the PS3, its far from its full potential even 360 fans knows that. There is a rumour that PS3 can do split screen multiplay gameplay in the new GTA IV, 360 cannot its to weak.
But still gamers are looking for stuff that is not avalible on other konsolls thats whywe still dun actaully hate the 360.
But as gamers we must stop saying PS3 or 360 is better even thought that the PS3 is cause of the possebillities for the future games.

t-0_ot-3849d ago

All the console wars.. and this one is the worst. Fanboys get more stupid every time...


Rozgar233849d ago

Yes 360 owns for all the games it has dosent it?
u said so didnt you 360 fanboy????
PS3 games hard to make dont you realize that.
There will be like over 200 games if im right in the early of 2010
but there could bemore what do i know???
check out swedish site and search for SPEL (games) on this swedish site

ChickeyCantor3849d ago

what is the name of your cult?( no and i dont mean CLAN)
just wondering =D

PS360WII3849d ago

That was a fun read. Ah memories ^^