PSM3's Metal Gear Solid 4 preview, part 1

Ten years after MGS on PSone, Solid Snake faces his final mission. PSM3 visits Japan to finish MGS4, and give you unparalleled, spoiler-free, access to the most important next-gen game on any console:

"Nasu, Japan. March 13, 2008. After playing MGS4 for three days, in shifts from 8am to 11pm, we're almost pleased when Hideo Kojima requests - with a polite legal nudge - that we don't talk about 80% or more of what we've experienced. As it stands, we're struggling to keep the revelations down to ten pages.

A fuller explanation of the game's myriad surprises, shocks, twists and highlights - trust us, you won't be disappointed - would spill out of this issue, and into the months, maybe years, to follow. Does Snake die? Why is he ageing? What's with the young Snake in the E3 trailer? "

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solidworm3845d ago

Completely and irrepresably THE G.O.A.T. Game of all time

sonarus3845d ago

Me neither but this is almost unbearable

AlterEgo3845d ago

i can't believe I was tricked. :|

they actually reveal who's grave Snake salutes


I'm SO pissed right now.


I was actually trying not to read this article at all, but I just can't help myself, when it comes to this game. I can't friggin wait, this is gonna be CRAZY GOOD.

Taken timeoff from work for thisun

great year, great games.