HP Slaps Its Customers With Virus-Infected USB Stick

The Australian division of Hewlett Packard issued a warning regarding the optional USB stick the company ships with its ProLiant servers. According to the company, the stick comes not only with drivers for the hardware
components, but also with a free copy of malware-infected software.

The USB sticks come from a batch of 256 MB and 1 GB pen drives that have been infected with "Fakerecy" and "SillyFDC" viruses prior to their public distribution. Designed to carry the optional drives for floppy-disks, they arrived to the customers infected out-of-the-box. The company could not estimate how many of the shipped pen-drives carry the malware code.

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decapitator3849d ago

Ouch...predicting a recall or patch if that will work.

Massacre3849d ago

I do not think this was done on purpose however, I expect people to blow this out of proportion naturally.

Tempist3849d ago

I doubt something as this could be accidental. I guess a lot of questions of who was in charge of programming them are going to be looked into.

LinuxGuru3848d ago

F|CK Hewlett-Packard.

I haven't used anything made by HP in well over 10 years.

Good riddance.

S1nnerman3848d ago

not sure if the virus is a bad one - but a recall is probably in order