USA Today: Steal a glimpse inside 'GTA IV'

USA Today: "It's expected to be the biggest event of the year for gamers: Grand Theft Auto IV launches April 29 for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Some analysts predict publisher Rockstar Games ( will sell more than 6 million copies in Week 1 and up to 9 million by fall. At Rockstar's headquarters, I got an early look for USA TODAY.


You're Nikolai "Niko" Bellic, who leaves his rough Eastern European town to pursue the American dream. His American cousin, Roman, promises that the streets are paved with gold; but Niko discovers he was lured here to work for Roman's small cabstand and help him get out of debt with loan sharks. "

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LarVanian3848d ago

Roman is not American lol :P

Dino3848d ago

Because he has an accent? You don't have to be born here to be an American.

Hydrollex3848d ago

it's on the NEWS now ?

Imagine April 29 when CNN reports: Today too many workers were sick or they called sick, not only in America but in Europe. This is due to global warming"

lol mofos

thedude176553848d ago

at least it wasn't writhen up as a freak out and condemning it as the devil and such.

alcaponedya3848d ago

this game will rock(star)

fanboyism aside, the ps3 version will own

qohelet3848d ago

yay, 18 days!!! can't wait
(i always get the games 2 days earlier, small shop down the street breaks every street date)

Armyless3848d ago

I wish I were that lucky :D