"Adults-Only" Game in Development for Wii and DS

Nwiizone writes:

"Adults-Only Game for Wii, SNK decided to bring their DS title "Exciting Witch Trial" to the Nintendo Wii according to the report

Exciting Witch Trial (DOKIDOKI MAJOSAIBAN) , the game info for the ds game is : "the goal of this game is to examine girls with the touchpen in order to prove if the girl is a witch or not. it mainly involve stripping her off and doing wrong things to her.""

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decapitator3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

My DS will be giving getting a whole lot of play now...

*grabs the stylus and waits in anticipation*

YoMeViet3940d ago

god bless Japan lol i hope i don't poke too much with the stylus

Massacre3940d ago

Fack, thats it. I am moving to Japan after college.

Silellak3940d ago

I hope by "stylus", you actually mean the ACTUAL stylus that comes with the DS...

decapitator3940d ago

haha of corse I do and thats why i said "the stylus" funny man.

LastDance3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

So basically. The ps3 and xbox are trying to show every1 they can be for kids aswell...annnnnnnd nintendo are showing every1 they can be for horney 46 year old loners aswell.


Ps. Does any1 remeber that sex game on ps1. I cant remeber the name of it. You had to please women properly and win! ahha what the FAAAAK.

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Silellak3940d ago

Apparently Nintendo was tired of being beat by the PSP at the "porn in the palm of your hand" competition.

I still say, once realistic holographic/virtual sex becomes possible and affordable, society will completely and utterly collapse. The fact that Captain Picard didn't spend all day in the Holodeck with his own personal Counselor eTroy was the least realistic thing about Star Trek.

"Captain, we're under attack by Romulans!"
"Less talkie, more sexie."

OpiZA3940d ago

As long as you wash your hands

Neurotoxin3940d ago

Obviously something to do with School Girls with massive Breasts and really big eyes.

Pedophiles will boast yet more Wii and Ds Sales.

Exhaust3940d ago

The big 3 do not allow AO games to be released on their platforms. The article is blocked from work so I can't read it... Just wondering if they think its going to get a M rating. Stripping girls of their clothes and poking them can't be M if people were flipping about an alien side boob in Mass Effect.

I'm all for adult games being released. Its about time our industry grow and and realise there is money to be made with adult only material.

ChickeyCantor3940d ago

its going to be japan only, if its true and ofcourse underground....i dont think you will see any promotion thing of it only in eroge-stores

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The story is too old to be commented.