How To Prep Your PC For SHIELD, NVIDIA's Handheld Game Console

Forbes - SHIELD, the dedicated Android gaming handheld from NVIDIA, launches tomorrow in the United States and Canada, and it packs some sophisticated streaming features inside its Tegra 4-powered shell. If the concept of enjoying controller-friendly Android games and your library of Steam Big Picture games while lounging on the couch or in bed sounds appealing, read on.

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JBSleek1903d ago

The shield is getting some really good reviews actually and is looking like a nice piece of hardware.

Give it one or two generations of new Tegra chips and this thing will be a beast.

1903d ago
nikrel1903d ago

They are going with the Kepler for the next shield I read somewhere.

JBSleek1903d ago

That's the Logan chipset or "Tegra 5" it has about the same power as the PS3.

shadowmist131903d ago

Only problem is internet because going to a restaurant witg free wifi just to game lol,but definitly going to buy one.