Capcom continues downward spiral due to poor decisions

A look at Japanese game developer Capcom and their downward trend of poor sales and questionable consumer tactics, which includes blaming the cancellation of future Darkstalkers fighting game titles on fans not buying the HD remake Darkstalkers: Resurrection.

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Donnieboi2677d ago

They announced Breath of Fire 6 for phones-_-. I know portables are popular in their native Japan, but couldn't they have just put it on DS/3DS/PSP download/Vita? That's a total of 4 portables, 2 of which are backwards compatible with their predecessors (not to mention that they have Buttons--unlike cellphones). Which would = a lot of sales. What the hell is Capcom doing? I sure hope it's not pay-to-win.

Need4Game2677d ago

Release Cryengine Monster Hunter Online in the west, and Capcom may recover.

Jyndal2677d ago

It's going to take more than that.

tiffac0082677d ago

What makes it worse, is Capcom is not even sure they want to localize BoF6, even if its for the PC/iOS/Android. :/

DragonKnight2677d ago

I've always said that a company that releases globally should think globally. Just because your home base is in Japan doesn't mean that the world will like what Japan likes. If you're not going to broaden your base to appeal to a wider market, then don't sell in that wider market.

I would say though that Capcom's biggest flaw isn't their expectations, it's their inability to listen to their fans save and except when doing so allows them to milk a franchise with very little effort. I.E. Super Street Fighter 4 Ultra Turbo Arcade Edition.

EyePawd2677d ago

I've always thought that Capcom's biggest issue is that they really only seem concerned with the Japanese market. Before the fighting game community internationally took off, you would never see Capcom take user feedback on something like Street Fighter. They are starting to do that, but, it's just not enough.

I will defend the constant updates to Street Fighter some, though. The tournament scene is so large and strong for that game that it DOES require attention and balancing, even if it is technically a five year-old game.

s8anicslayer2677d ago

Bring Resident Evil back to it's survival horror roots and that will start improving capcoms worth in gaming, recent RE's have been capcoms demise and contracting these c class devs for development have utterly destroyed them.

nick3092677d ago

Capcom is now Crapcom, abandoing all their franchises & doing dumb decisions, heck even a kid could manage what games to make for it , but no, they rather make this crappy games.

3-4-52677d ago

Breath of Fire 6 for Phones = 20,000 sales

Breath of Fire 6 - Vita,3DS,PS3/PS4 = 300,000-800,000 in sales.

They are not intelligent.

2677d ago
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EyePawd2677d ago

I'd love a new, console Breath Of Fire. Sigh, if only.

paul-p19882677d ago

Putting Monster Hunter on the Wii U, leaving behind the MASSIVE Playstation fanbase already established for the series and taking it to the console with the smallest install base which is more regarded as a family console than a hardcore console (Monster Hunter is a pretty Hardcore series)... yeah, good move Capcom...

dredgewalker2677d ago

I'm still pissed off about that, taking Monster Hunter away from the PS for years is one of Capcoms biggest sins to me.

LouisGarcia2677d ago

I bought a Wii U just for Monster Hunter, but I see your point.

ShaunCameron2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

Eh. No. That's the handheld MH you're talking about that had the massive PlayStation fanbase. The MH the Wii U got was an upgraded version of MH3 (a Wii exclusive) that outsold all the previous home-console MH games combined becoming the most successful home-console MH game to date.

paul-p19882674d ago

It was a Sony handheld, therefore part of the massive Sony fanbase, but they also released a few on PS2 and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD (Japan only) on PS3. Then they decided to jump to Nintendo..... which makes no sense to me if i'm honest.

hankmoody2677d ago

Maybe if they hadn't released this game at a ridiculous price, I'd have gone for it.

EyePawd2677d ago

Agreed. 15 for a spruced up port was five dollars too much.

hankmoody2677d ago

Had it come out the gate at $10, I could've accepted that. Capcom is losing their minds.


Monster Hunter 4 will help when it comes out next month in Japan

Kingthrash3602676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

mh, while iits a great franchise isnt the end all be all.
capcom used to be a legendary company....defining whole genres with games like mega man, final fight, street fighter, resident evil, and devil may cry. when thos games first launched the changed the game...I mean they are world wide hits that they've KILLED with terrible decisions....re6 wtf? mega man skipped a few generations already, can a brotha get a new updated mega man? wtf? same with final fight. dmc while I enjoyed the new game plenty of fans hated the new look. sf4 ink look is also criticized not to mention the consistently bad decisions they've made like mh is a Nintendo exclusive....should've put that out on everything...and now bof6....stupid after stupid decisions. they know what their fans want but the seem to want to do the opposite.....somebody hit the fail button.

can I get a amen?

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