You Can Use Video Capture Devices On Xbox One. But What About PS4?

Xbox One users will be able to use third-party capture cards and devices to record gameplay video just as they did on the Xbox 360, Microsoft has told us. This is in addition to the built-in capture feature the company has announced for their next-gen console. But what about the PS4?

extermin8or3999d ago

If not you could always export the video to Facebook, then download it onto your pc at a later date to use better editing software before putting it on YouTube, although I'll be shocked if there's no way for both system to upload straight to YouTube.... The first option applies for anywhere else you might want it uploaded too.

kneon3999d ago

I expect that you will also just be able to copy the video files to a usb drive and then do whatever you like with them. So I don't see the point of such video capture devices with the next gen.

Heartnet3999d ago

Sonys can only record like the past 15mins or something if i read correctly..

if you do youtube videos ur usually recording all the time ur playing and then u chop it up and edit it down to however long

Muerte24943999d ago

All you would need to do is use capture devices exactly how they working on ps3 and Xbox360 right now. There isn't some special guru. Once again people are over complicating something that is mean to be simple. As long as your capture device accepts HDMI.

kneon3999d ago


The 15 minutes is how long is automatically buffered. This is so you can capture those unexpected "did you see that!!" moments.

But that doesn't necessarily mean that there is a 15 minute limit. It would be simple to implement the "share" feature such that it's configurable as to where the video stream goes, with one option being the hard drive.

I don't know that either company has done this, but I can't see why they wouldn't. So if it's not there at launch I expect it will be there eventually.

dale_denton3999d ago

explaination how to record on ps3/ps4 /watch?v=RNk9_2eL8mc#at=96

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Ashlen3999d ago

Even if the HDMI is blocked you can just get a HDMI decoder.

mushroomwig3999d ago

Yeah, it'll be the same as it is now on PS3.

Gazondaily3999d ago

Yeah precisely. It's not that big a deal. If you're goonna shell out £130+ on a capture device, whats £20-£30 for a HDMI decoder?

"And they'll have all the freedoms afforded to them by being able to capture and tinker with post-production."

Can you not do that with footage you capture on the PS4 and X1 anyway?

truegame3999d ago

Here is a working device and info, you can get it from Monoprice and it works both on PS4 & PS3


Get it from Monoprice or Amazon


N7Lukas3999d ago

Great, that means more stupid YouTube "personalities". PS4 can record gameplay and has twitch, useful if you want to show your friends something, that's all i need. I don't really get the whole SHARE EVERYTHING mentality these days.

HammadTheBeast3999d ago

I think they both have Twitch support.

Heartnet3999d ago


nope X1 has twitch and ps4 has ustream..

Cmk01213999d ago

If it were one thing the ps4 could do with no hastle over the xbox one this article would be celebrated, instead the reverse and all is merry LOL. its not a big deal and sony has yet to announce that they cannot allow vid capture cards so meh until then

slimeybrainboy3999d ago

This is something that effects maybe a thousand content creators at most. Most small time video creators will just use the Share button, and the big video creators will already have a decoder. Small things like the headsets requiring an adapter, having to buy a play and charge kit, these are things that effect everyone. The boy who cried fanboysim.

isarai3999d ago

Well seeing as how they are embracing the online streaming and video capturing i would think that they would now allow capture devices outside their system as well, but i guess we have to wait and see.