Gaming: PS4 jumps into the early lead over Xbox One

post-gazette: The Xbox One or the PlayStation 4? This is the question hovering over the video-game industry until the consoles hit shelves later this year. Any enthusiast who doesn't want to spend $900 on both systems will be forced to choose, and both companies are promising big things when the consoles are available.

Plenty could change before the consoles arrive four months from now, but Sony currently has the favorable strategy, giving the PS4 an early lead in the console race.

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malokevi3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

$900? HAHA! One on my own dime in November, and one on my girlfriends dime for Christmas. There is simply no other way.

SavageKuma3590d ago

It is not bad at all and just re-opened Ps4 pre-orders, so that will boost them even further.

golding893590d ago

I will be spending 900 bucks :-p

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josephayal3590d ago

the PS4 looks completely unstoppable

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