ZOE3 already in development for ps3?

Many gamers know the series Zone of Enders a cyborg sci-fi action game developed by hidéo kojima.Romours have been appearing on sites concerning another sequal in development for ps3.German site today finds out an interesting clue on the next cover of PSM3 magazine revealing below: 17 games played Gran Turismo HD, Metal gear Solid 4, Lair, ZOE3 .Could another ZOE3 for ps3 be in development or even a possible working demo running ?,anyway one has to be patient to discover if it's a suprise anouncement on next months Mag issue.

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zypher4467d ago

i don't really doubt it, and it'll be cool if its true (ZOE Second Runner ROCKED!), but i'll need more confirmation than just from PSM3.

kmis874467d ago

What I want to know is the expected release date. It could be in development but not get a bunch of work on it until after MGS4 releases. Hopefully we see it next year though, if it's in the works.

2tired2day2hate4467d ago

i never got to play any ZOE games but i watched a friend play one and it was amazing. i wonder what they will do with the new systems capabilities.

The_Firestarter4467d ago

I...NEED...ZOE3!!! The ZOE series is among my absolute FAVORITES! I can't wait to see what Jehuty's gonna look like on the PS3 hardware and how HUGE the battles are gonna be. Remembered that one time in ZOE2 where you have to fight wave after wave after wave of Orbital Frames? That was so intense! It'd be unbelieveable if ZOE3 has battles like that, but 2 maybe 3 times that intense. *passes out* .............................. .........

TheXgamerLive4467d ago

Check it out, it's probably going to be on both the Xbox 360 and the ps3.

kmis874467d ago

A multiplatform release would be nice. I'm glad that Kojima is open to the possibility.

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