Shinji Mikami sees horror potential in Xbox One controller's motorised triggers

Here's Shinji Mikami with some very brief thoughts on that, plucked from an interview in our latest issue, which goes on sale tomorrow.

LackTrue4K4005d ago

Towards the end of the game, the developers should troll players with not having there saved game load up!!! "Now that's some horror!!"

Elit3Nick4005d ago

Or do something like on Batman Arkham Asylum where the screen glitches out during that scarecrow part and whoever doesn't know about it starts freaking out XD

golding894005d ago

If the xbox one controller lives up to the hype.. I am sure it will give the player a better experience with this game.

Cannot wait.

zerocrossing4005d ago

I expect the motorised triggers will have a similar function to what the rumble feature added to survival horror in the 90's.

Will be interesting seeing what actually comes of it.

dirigiblebill4005d ago

I don't think Kinect and trigger rumble will make a difference if the scares are the same old scares.

TekoIie4005d ago

Depends. Perhaps there could be a creature who senses you based on your heart rate? So breathing slowly will throw it off your location.

Could have safety issues so its unlikely to ever go into a game but the possibilities are there.

spicelicka4005d ago

I think if they could pull something like that off it would be amazingg. I tend be less scared when playing horror games when compared to some of my friends so they always make me play first. It would be so awesome to watch their reactions when their play through is different and scarier than mine.

Geezus4005d ago

i see better potential use of kinect with horror games... thats why i like kinect 2 the potential is limitless when it comes to it uses for games it just depends on how devs want to use it if at all.

zerocrossing4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

I disagree, there's just no feed back when using Kinect.

What can Kinect 2 do that Kinect 1 didn't make use of in Rise of Nightmares? It added nothing in the way of scares or tension that a controller couldn't of improved on.

At least with a controller the rumble feature can lend to the tension by rumbling at certain moments like when you hear a noise or see a jump scare, or even putting emphasise on a heartbeat. Even the Wii-mote used it's miniature speaker to add creepy noises and such (granted the speaker quality ruined the experience) but you get what I'm saying.


Fine disagree, but at least state why, what actual use can the Kinect 2 lend to survival horror that I'm not seeing?

No_Limit4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

Kinect 2.0 can track player in literally pitch dark lighting and calculating your hear rate, both of which wern't possible on the 1.0. Those two elements alone will make a great deal of difference for horror game potential. For example, the A.I sense your heart rate and will then determined your sense of urgency and will act accordingly. That is just one scenario and probably there will be more ideas to follow as developers now know Kinect is included in every XB1 sold and aren't afraid to implement new and risky ideas, unlike the old model.

Geezus4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

kinect 1 wasnt used cuz it wasnt wide spread but kinect 2 comes with every console and it way more powerful than kinect 2 ! im imaging game where kinect 2 reads your facial expression ,your heartrate , the room lighting...etc. and the game reacts in the case of horror games making it more "scary". in other words make the game world more immersive and dynamic not just waving your arms and stuff of that nature.

zerocrossing4005d ago

@ No_Limit & Geezus

Fair enough, I remain sceptical but hopefully such features and mechanics will be incorporated, I think those ideas you two mentioned could make a world of difference if done "properly" instead of used as a mere gimmick.

4005d ago
darx4005d ago

Well have you used Kinect 2.0 or even see it action? Do you know the full potential of Kinect 2.0 vs Kinect 1.0?

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Foxgod4005d ago

Howabout a special edition controller, that instead of vibrating triggers, contains knives that cut the inside of your fingers when you screw up.

I would not use a controller like that, but it should add some suspense :P

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Dabigsiebowski117d ago

Shinji should never stop making games. Kinda crazy he left the funding of M$ though.

ApocalypseShadow117d ago

It's the enjoyment of independence since leaving Capcom that he probably likes. Your company, your rules.

Also, I don't think it's Microsoft's money that would have kept him around. The problem is their culture. We've seen more than once where individuals or teams wanted to leave Microsoft because of how they run things.

I don't think I've ever seen a developer at Nintendo or Sony that bought themselves out from being controlled. But we've seen it at Microsoft. Should be interesting what he decides to do next.

Chocoburger116d ago

I remember when it was announced that he was leaving Tango, someone on N4G claimed that he was old and it was time for him to retire.

I couldn't help but laugh at the ignorance. Mikami (like most Japanese people), do not want to work for Microsoft, they want their games to be played by their fellow citizens, which means Switch, Playstation, and PC. But this fool couldn't comprehend that. 🤣

Was waiting for his return announcement, glad to see that he's back! Please don't make mobile games.

-Foxtrot116d ago

I hope it's still survival horror

They should build on what they did with Evil Within for a new IP and take notes from the Evil Within sequel with those open hub areas.

Wouldn't mind if it was like Resident Evil but with a vampire virus instead.

potatoseal116d ago

Yeah this man's skills need a new start to thrive. Hope he keeps doing what he loves. Wonder what his next project is.


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GoodGuy09457d ago

Sad all these former directors of masterpieces no longer work at these former jobs.