Sony: Byron Review was 'too nice'

MCV: SCEE president David Reeves has politely criticised recommendations made in the Byron Review, telling its author that she has been "too nice" to the UK games industry.

At a press conference attended by selected press last week, Reeves told Byron that he was in favour of PEGI becoming the only ratings body for the UK. He added that he wanted PEGI ratings to have 'more teeth' and even to become law.

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S1nnerman3849d ago

Pretty sure the journalist wasn't supposed to write the finer detail of what was discussed lol Ah well ...

Harry1903849d ago

how intriguing,i'll be tracking you.

S1nnerman3849d ago

I'm a gamer first :)

I was at a meeting because I represent companies in the gaming community (not that they give me any freebies!)

ar3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

More detailed ratings? Enforced by law? Sure! Go for it. As long as they doesn't censor or ban games I'm fine with it.

S1nnerman3849d ago

I'm all for adult games for adults. Greater information for parents to make an informed decisions in purchasing games and ratings that are complied with. Censorship is not required or desired :)

tplarkin73849d ago

The last thing we need is the government to get involved in monitoring media. Video games will not be the same in 10, 20, or 100 years. But the government would never let go. What happens when books, tv, or movies have interactive features that make it like a video game?