Haze EDGE Preview: 'an excellent game that dares to treat us like adults'

Perhaps Haze still looks a little underwhelming in places, and perhaps the cry of 'political game' will scare players away. It's neither. Haze looks like being, first and foremost, a brilliant current-generation shooter debut for Free Radical. Alongside that, there are individual scenes featuring subject matter few other pieces of entertainment go near. If Haze's excellent design is sustained throughout, then alongside it's new narrative territory it may be that rarest of beasts: an excellent game that dares to treat us like adults.

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butterfinger3844d ago

on day one. I have seen the trailers and read most of the previews, and I will still get this one when it comes out. It looks pretty fun, and the coop mixed with a good story could be amazing!

ocha843844d ago

even though....i've been waiting 4ever!! i lost a lil interest in it when it kept gettin delayed...but..with EDGE giving it thumbs up...i'm back on to haze~ plus~ FREE RADICAL never disappoints!

Fishy Fingers3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

WOW, Whats up with Edge today? They seem strangely enthusiastic, first MGS now Haze.

Dont get me wrong this is excellent news, Edge have incredibly high standards, which i admire. If they say it is Good, then Haze will be good.

resistance1003844d ago

I told you lot.

Playing HAZE at LIVE really showed me it was a great great game

Bathyj3844d ago

I told 'em too.


Its ok, let everyone keep their low expectations, that way they'll all be pleasantly surprised.

Doesn't anyone else wonder why Rare Sux since Free Radical formed? The same reason Van Hallen sucked with Sammy Hagar, the talent had left.

ScottEFresh3844d ago

I believe this is truly a great game. Some of the previews have been mixed but there really hasn't been a bad one. Can't wait for this PS3 exclusive!

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The story is too old to be commented.