Black Professionals In Games: Tomb Raider Producer On Diversity and Resident Evil 5

Yesterday, MTV Multiplayer interviewed renowned gaming journalist N'Gai Croal about stereotypes and diversity in games.

Croal's interview is part of a special week-long series called "Black Professionals in Games." Today the series continues with Morgan Gray, Senior Producer at Crystal Dynamics. The 31 year-old San Francisco native, who's half-black and half-Caucasian, is a seasoned gamer who's tired of being the regular white guy.

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George Washington3898d ago

resident evil 5... the game where you run around shooting black people?

RealityCheck3898d ago

Very long read, that guy Morgan Gray sounds pretty sharp. I really like this part:

Multiplayer: Speaking of what people take away from things, the “Resident Evil 5″ trailer. Have you seen it?

Gray: Yeah! Absolutely not racist. Zombies in Haiti? Hmm. I think they’re gonna be brown. If we were going to do a zombie game in China: wow, a lot of Chinese zombies. I think it’s just the “Here’s the bunch of people that are primitive,” which is actually the elephant in the room, and the racist perceptions. … But it takes place in Haiti, home of the zombie, right? No one complained — where was the outcry for the poor Spanish villagers in “Resident Evil 4“? I guess no one noticed that in previous “Resident Evil” games? They were hard to tell because they’re pretty stylized as zombies, but they’re pretty much all white people in this mansion. I mean Raccoon City was in middle America. … I think the reaction to that is the wrong reaction. I think the bigger outcry is why once again don’t we have a black lead character in a “Resident Evil” game? How about that first? Here’s another white cat. Hell, where’s the Asian dude in a “Resident Evil” game? It’s always white guy/white girl.

Joey Gladstone3898d ago

for that quote from Gray....It perfectly sums up my whole opinion and attitude towards the racial fanatics trying to find fault with RE5 when clearly its set in Haiti,...thus Haitian Zombies.... and Gray's comment about absolutely no Outcry or complaints for "the poor Spanish villagers in “Resident Evil 4" was exactly SPOT ON......
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

devilhunterx3898d ago

Playing as an arab or south asian is more rare then playing as a black guy.

3898d ago
Coke-a-Cola3897d ago

The largest income bracket will get all the perks.

It will still be a while before we see a One armed Black lesbian as the lead in games. ( let alone, integrated with finesse ) as they do not make up the majority of gamers today ....... ( truth )

I often wish the world were just like Me.