IGN: Mario Kart Wii Online Impressions

If you've been following the deluge of coverage concerning Nintendo's first Wii Mario Kart outing, you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd heard it all by now. Beneath the run of carefully-worded previews and side-shuffling reviews though, one simple fact remains – no publication's been able to take the game online until now. Point the finger squarely at the lack of final retail code – all impressions previously garnered from online-disabled Wii debugs scattered across the globe. With mere days to go until Mario Kart Wii's UK debut though, IGN finally had chance to take the game online, albeit briefly and inexhaustibly at present.

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wiizy3898d ago

the game looks great and online sounds like alot of fun...cant wait to crush a few people in mario kart racing.

ItsDubC3898d ago

I like the fact that tracks can be altered or have obstacles added to them. Most of all, I can't wait for battle mode.

desolationstorm3898d ago

Happy that this game is coming out so soon after smash unlike nintendo and im very happy about that

ChickeyCantor3897d ago

3 more dayssssss =DDDD

but americans will get it shortly after EU and that just stinks we are still waiting for BRAWLLLLLLL( although i already have an import version of just sucks to be waiting so long)

bigjclassic3897d ago

It wa a no brainer, but the online interface looks slick. BiG N semms to get better at online with each game release. This is gonna cut into my SSBB and DBZ BT3 online time, lol.

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