Confirmation: Microsoft will not be reintroducing the Xbox One

Examiner: "Despite reports to the contrary, Microsoft does not have plans to reintroduce the Xbox One at an alleged press event."

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Mystogan1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Too bad... I think they need this. and there is no such thing as too many press conferences before a new generation.

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iamnsuperman1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

I think they need this because so much has changed from the original reveal that the console is unrecognisable. It isn't the same console it once was.

RadioActiveTwinky1904d ago

Gamescon and TGS are around the corner. I dont think they are sweating it too much. They can "re-introduce" it there. They dont need a dedicated conference. Nothing else major has changed since the DRM reversal. So some footnotes and side notes at Gamescon and TGS can cover it.

slimeybrainboy1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

"My thoughts on this has changed a bit since then and that is we should still bundle the Kinect in every box but leave out the requirement of having it always plugged in. We provide the option to turn it off completely, and people are welcome to cover it up or turn it around as well. So letting people unplug the Kinect doesn't change our guarantee to game developers, plus we will get brownie points for making a consumer friendly choice. I think our execs know this.

On the subject of including a headset, it's a matter if Microsoft will eat this cost and make the people who want the headset happy. Personally I want a headset as I don't want to hear my buddies' voices mixed with game audio."
Xbox One Dev

Their reintroduction won't be a conference but there will be announcements at gamescom. We already know they were planning to unveil self publishing. We know their 'looking into' including headsets. And the NSA scandals and Kinect are all the buzz. Don't be suprised to see these policies 180- at gamescom.

I don't think MS honestly have much more to show in terms of games without saving something for the next 2 years, so I think their going to try and do a Sony E3 2013, and win gamescom with the strength of policy and goodwill. Kinect drop is a long shot, because he the quote does mention a 'promise to developers'. But if we lose the Kinect, there's a price drop and MS are right back in it.

user55757081903d ago

honestly the need it because the majority of casual gamers aren't on websites like this and i still know a bunch of people who think they still are using the DRM restrictions...

fr0sty1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

They need to keep at it. At this point, XB1 is a mandatory kinect away from me considering it an eventual purchase (well, that and some decent games that actually appeal to me). From a hardware point alone, that's all that's holding me back. I refuse to have a spy cam in my home from a company known to freely give away info to the US government (or to snoop on that info themselves, remember the Skype controversy?). If they drop Kinect's requirement, and drop it's price, it'll be a much more attractive system and might actually have a chance of standing up to the PS4. As of now it's about to get destroyed though, unless those changes are made.

They got rid of Don Mattrick though, so they're on the right path at least. Now if they can only keep the rest of the douchebags that represent them gagged, they'll do ok.

OhMyGandhi1903d ago

Why am I not surprised by this?
because reintroducing the console would require Microsoft to admit they made a slew of bad decisions, and hold them accountable for it.
A "reboot" of a new console is simply below Microsoft's bloated ego.

malokevi1903d ago

Doesn't this qualify as "clarification", rather than "confirmation"....

Who writes this crap, anyways?

jmc88881903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

Still has asinine mandatory Kinect2 needing to be plugged in.

Every one of Microsoft's products gives your information to the gov't and 3rd party corporate contractors.

Why would Kinect2 be any different, especially when Microsoft itself plans to use such data. Why would Kinect2 be the ONLY product not to invade your privacy.

At least 18 years of shredding your privacy and they have the gall to say your privacy is their priority. Hell Al-Qeada isn't the target, we're too busy arming, funding, training and shipping them off to fight in Syria, or awarding them gov't contracts in Afghanistan. YOU are the enemy. You WILL be exploited through it.

Microsoft KNOWS every one of its product is used against it's customers. So WHY ARE THEY REQUIRING IT TO BE PLUGGED IN? It's a very simple equation.

They know it will screw their customers over, and yet still require it. Also for those that don't understand nuance...requiring Kinect2 to be plugged in, isn't the same as packaging them in the box.

Again what happens when Kinect2 has a problem like Kinect1 would have. You were able to unplug Kinect1 and still use your 360. Won't work with Xbox One.

The requirement is so unnecessary it's like saying it's necessary to run a fire drill at every stoplight. (you know where everyone gets out of their car and runs around the car and gets back in)

It's necessary, like that.

Keep paying attention to Snowden's reveals, like XKeyScore.

abzdine1903d ago

it means ONE thing: other reversals will come in the future. I can feel that X1 they announced on may 21st will be back with all restrictions at some point, that's how i see it.
now i hope X1 owners wont be owned by MS but things could turn that way.

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slimeybrainboy1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Anyone who didnt hear the announcement that the DRM and always online had changed, either didn't hear the DRM announcemnt in the first place, wont see gamescom, or doesnt care. I think we overestimate the power of these PR stunts to us gamers. I don't think all this goodwill, and explaining the benefits, and giving a positive image etc. are not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things. I think most people don't care if they can't Play Octodad, or some other indie game, most people dont care about self publishing, yet us insiders act like they do.

MS' real enemy is price, if they can reintroduce that the system will be exactly where they wanted, either that or change to 12GB RAM would be a real gamechanger.

boeso1904d ago

So true. Not everyone goes out of their way to find news on games like we do.


While I agree with most of your point, the average person that you speak of will not know anything about 12GB of ram either.

However us (the informed) would go ape shite!

RadioActiveTwinky1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

The 12GB rumor is not a rumor. It only became a Rumor because people wanted it to become true.
The origin of the 12GB rumor comes from the DevKits the developers received. The 12GB helps the developers relieve some of the stresses of development.
It is really low that they would add more ram to a console considering it cost them a boat load of money when they did it with the 360. They went from 256gb to 512gb.
Also if they did add the RAM they run the risk of adding more heat to the console. This is bad news because it could be the RROD all over again. I am sure and hope they learned from that mistake.
Even if they do add the RAM it will still be slightly under powered. 1GB of DDR3 is equivalent to 512gb GDDR5.
Also DDR3 is great for software process and stuff like that where GDDR5 is great for rendering polygons and stuff like that. If anything the DDR3 will make the xbox ones OS faster then that of the ps4.

ALLWRONG1903d ago

Every news outlet in the world covered MS's DRM reversal, and that includes network TV.

MysticStrummer1903d ago

"Even if they do add the RAM it will still be slightly under powered. 1GB of DDR3 is equivalent to 512gb GDDR5.
Also DDR3 is great for software process and stuff like that where GDDR5 is great for rendering polygons and stuff like that. If anything the DDR3 will make the xbox ones OS faster then that of the ps4."


Reintroducing One at a lower price would help, but they'd have to bring their RAM total past 12GB for it to be a game changer. 16GB DDR3+32MB ESRAM would be a game changer.

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scott1821904d ago

Yeah, it seems like Microsoft could win over many more people by just letting them know what their plans are now. I have to admit I am giving the Xone a closer look now because of the changes, if I don't have to buy the Kinect that would be a good thing too....

Craigatorian1904d ago


PSVita1903d ago

Maybe not to the fanboys that spend their days on N4G hoping for good news but the public night.

Craigatorian1903d ago

I own all consoles, Im just tired of people hating on microsoft. If anything im a sony fanboy, hey there, sony fanboy.

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PSVita1903d ago

Never assumed you were a fanboy I was more speaking about all of us nerds :) Anyways they do need to reintroduce it. Especially considering there's people out there that think ps4 games can be played on the ps3...not everyone is as up to date or educated like most of us that stay up on news.

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bligmerk1904d ago

Larry Hyrb should have been one of the first ones fired after the E3 debacle. He was a total douche, and still arrogant afterward. To this topic, he said "Not legitimate". That is total BS, MS has confirmed a press event with a one hour stage presentation. Solid sources have confirmed several devs have been contacted. So, the event isn't BS but the message is supposedly denied. The message of the proposed press conference would be for Microsoft to reiterate its core message behind the Xbox One, while also attempting to secure the console's footing in European territories. So, sticking to its "core message" isn't technically a reintroduction, but it seems to say they saw nothing wrong with their E3 presentation and will reinforce the core elements at Gamescom. This is sounding like a huge fiasco developing.

gamertk4211903d ago

Everyone knows about the Gamescom presser. They were referring to a whole separate event to take the place of the original reveal. No problem there.

CommonSense1903d ago

Oh please, then if they did that, the same idiots would be saying how desperate they are.

MS, in the eyes in a lot of morons, are damned if they do, damned if they don't.

Syntax-Error1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

I agree. I see MS for they are and they are company just like Sony looking to make money. They derived a plan to maximize profits and it didn't work, so they removed it before releasing it to the public. PERIOD. Every company does this. Netflix did the same thing about a year and half ago, so I don't understand why people feel this is some new shit. They are releasing the X1 w/ Kinect and it reflects their price point just as Sony did when releasing a $600 PS3 8 years ago with BluRay and cell processing. Again, why are they not being held accountable and receiving a FREE PASS? Price an LG or Samsung TV against a Sony Viera and see what numbers you come up with

MasterCornholio1903d ago

They dont need to do that at all. They just have to have better press conferences in the future.

Cloudyday711903d ago

The quote at the top of this page "Despite reports to the contrary, Microsoft does not have plans to reintroduce the Xbox One at an alleged press event" is misleading because it wasn't actually spoken by Microsoft.

What actually happened was Major Nelson was asked about a if the story about a separate press event was legitimate and he replied "it is not" however the original story refers to their Gamescom Showcase.

Syntax-Error1903d ago

@Mystogan - I don't think they need this. They have said enough about what you will expect come launch time. There's no policies to clarify and they have spoken about the why the Kinect is a pact-in, so the only thing they need to demonstrate now at GamesCom is the games just like Sony. We know we will be getting powerful systems and at what price, but what games are we getting to separate one from the other is the big question here. Most gamers will eventually buy both, but come launch time both need to SHOW US THE GAMES w/ actual gameplay

mewhy321903d ago

I think that a relaunch would defiantely help the situation. I don't see them getting ahead of the PS4 simply because of the price and power differences.

Godz Kastro1903d ago

@ps3 pwns... me and millions of other people.

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golding891904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

O well. I did not expect them. Goodluck MS

Although i would say it would serve them well.

But hey..with their advertisement money pool. I am sure they will be fine.

RuleNumber51904d ago

Yeah they will be fine ultimately. I think it would be slightly confusing if they did reintroduce it. I mean most people when they hit rock bottom, they don't start digging. Just sayin...

C-Thunder1904d ago

Define fine.

I too think they'll be fine, but I often think my idea of fine and others' are far apart.

I'm thinking fine as in, will still sell a lot, but not as much as they're claiming to have sold of the 360. Which, to MS, may not be fine.

M-M1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Wow, a rumor that actually got debunked lol. I'm just saying, there have been and were a lot of rumors lingering around that happened to be true most of the time this year.

Red_Devilz1904d ago

Question: Can the CableBox1 play games?



May be.

We will look into it.

It is more complex than it looks.

Are you on the hardware design team? Wait. What? Yes. No. It could.... It may be...

The amazing PR team at its best performance!

Master-H1904d ago

And "We can't just flip a switch..." you know what happens next lol

Red_Devilz1904d ago

And "Do you want to see the future"? That could have been the best punchline only until they had to eat their hats in not-too-distant future.

YNWA961903d ago

Fony will sell great...

British_Knight1903d ago

If you truly believe the PS4 will be better than XB1 in your heart of hearts, you wouldn't spend so much time bashing XBOX One.

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mazestar1904d ago

Hey they sticking with it an that's what their second best best see you Xbox two