Dragon’s Crown Review (Vivid Gamer)

Elizabeth from writes:

"Vanillaware’s Dragon’s Crown has seen some controversy prior to its release from the oversexualized character artwork. Admittedly, the appearance of just about all the characters you find in Dragon’s Crown has been vamped up in some fashion. For those who might be on the fence of getting this game (whether due to the art offending you or previous experience with Vanillaware titles), we at Vivid Gamer had the chance to review the PS3 and Vita title to see if it is worth picking up."

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Williamson3096d ago

The vita version seems right for me, being able to put the system to sleep and pick up where I left off is the best thing about handhelds.

Ilovetheps53096d ago

I was very close to buying this game, but found out that you basically have to beat the game once to be able to play online co-op. That alone made me not buy this game because I was going to play it with a good friend of mine. I don't know why they are making people do that.

TongkatAli3096d ago

That doesn't sound like a deal breaker to me. Really think is it worth losing out on the whole experience because of that ?

Ilovetheps53096d ago

When the game was marketed to me as a co-op game, it is. The whole reason I was buying the game was so that my friend and I would have a game to play together. I shouldn't have to put in 7-8 hours of gameplay to be able to be able to play together. I mean most reviews even say that the game is much better playing it in co-op. And besides, Tales of Xillia comes out the same day, so I'll be able to play that game more.

TheLiztress3096d ago

You actually unlock the co-op once you get roughly halfway through the story. Which might take you a couple hours, give or take.

mitchell11883096d ago

Your reasons are understandable but if I may, the design of beating the game first is not an all bad deal. I completely agree that it is a inconvenience but without it I fear an even worse situation. All of a sudden you find yourself in the heat of battle surrounded by first time players who, despite their effort, can only bring down your party. You can't communicate through voice so I've been told so any aid you try and give the new guy will essentially be pointless. I can say beating the whole game is a far stretch too much in the right direction tho.
I've already paid in full for my vita copy and I'm actually taking a vacation day to relax and dive in on day one. Its a truly beautiful game with a rare magic to it. Tales of xillia is an amazing game btw. ^_^

Gregard3095d ago

What about local coop?

Ilovetheps53095d ago

We live nowhere close to each other sadly. That's why we wanted a game to play together. He moved halfway across the US. We are both PS+ members though, so we have Saints Row that we have been playing the past few days.

Gregard3095d ago

I see :( I was wondering though, if for local coop you still have to beat the game once in order to enable it? I do plan on playing the game with my sister. It would be a bummer if we can't play couch coop until I beat it first :/

Ilovetheps53094d ago

Oh then yes, couch co-op works straight out of the box, so you should be good to go.

Gregard3092d ago

oh that's good to hear! At least that works from the get go! Many Thanks for the info! :)

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plmkoh3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

I haven't had this much fun with a beat'n up game in....hell knows when. A straight forward playthrough without finishing the side-quests and finding secrets took me 13.5hrs with only one character.

With the other 5 characters and extras to go through, this game will easily give me another 15 hours. Definitely Vanillaware's most refined game yet.