Microsoft profit rises 11 pct

SEATTLE (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp. (MSFT.O: Quote, Profile, Research) posted a rise in quarterly net profit on Thursday, boosted by a strong performance at its database division, but said deferred revenue of $1.5 billion related to its new Windows launch will hurt the current quarter.

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TheMART4468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

While Sony get's further in the red marks, MS goes up in the black ones...

"Sony Q2 profits plummet 94 percent

Sony has communicated its income for the quarter ending September 30th 2006 and it isn't pretty. The game devision is now 43.5 billion YEN ($367.5 million) in the red due to falling sales of the PS2, PSP, the delay of the PS3 as well as lower margins on PS2 software titles."

And then 360 will make profit in the fiscal year 2008, which starts July 2007. They can make the die of the 360 CPU smaller somewhere in 2007, so more cost reductions, price reductions, more sales, more games sold, more live subscriptions...

While Sony will be strugling a long time to reduce costs and already are 33% more expensive. Mmmmhhhhh MS is in a very, very good position on several markets

CAPS LOCK4468d ago

not because i am a sony fanboy its because it doesnt really matter. nintendo's shares constantly go up and you dont see no one bashing, so why would you bash the ps3?

come on mart it is common sense shares go up and down, they are even worse with microsoft, but bigger companies take bigger risks and often get better results, so before u go to sleep happy, just think tomorows another day.

MoonDust4468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

The bigger the company the bigger the risk?
RIGHT... Don't speak if you don't know.
The bigger the company the safe it is, the more volume it has. A company like MSFT with a Average Volume of 54mil. a day does not move up and down, or act as volatile as a smaller company does. If someone buys a million shares of MSFT the company will not move on that supply/demand. Smaller companies are riskier and subject to bigger loses depending on their results. A company like SNE is a loser right now, their company is doing bad everywhere. Not only is it losing market share to Samsung and others it also has the battery problem and still trying to take on iPod with the Walkman?

SNE hasn't done anything right, their stock is incredibly risky! Because, they are full of bad news. They apologise for the battery problem but they couldn't even do that right either. MSFT is a winner SNE is a loser, SNE was a winner some time ago but if they don't change their company i don't see anything good happening for them.

beans4468d ago

Who cares and believe me there are many investors who like when the market goes down rather than up because it always comes down faster!

highps34468d ago

Didnt they lose money just this morning now they are up 11%? My guess is none of this makes a difference towards any actual gamer on this site.

BIadestarX4468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

Actually it does. How long do you think a company can continue to lose money before they have to change things around. It is good to know microsoft is doing well, since that will affect the xbox 360 one way or another. If Sony continue to lose money they way they are and their stock continue to sink (on all divisions) how long do you think it will be before the PS3 itself be affected; and therefore the gamers. Plenty of companies that used to make the best console of all time which were considered stable are now gone as console makers (i.e. Sega, Atari, etc).

peksi4468d ago

Well that's what MS is for and has never been nothing but for $$$.

Gh0stDrag0n4468d ago

Every publicly traded company is in it for the money. MS, Sony, Nintendo....... all are in business to earn a profit for company owners and shareholders. If a company is not profitable their stock value drops, which in turn affects things like the ability to borrow money for new projects, upgrades, factories..., the amount of money people are willing to invest, or the ability to hire or keep top notch personnel...
To say a company is just in it for the money is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard.

peksi4468d ago

You are correct, in principal it is just like that. But there are companies who do things with some philosophy, committing to something to accomplish something bigger. It's mainly up to visionaries that can convince the bo$$es.

gnothe14468d ago

sony knew the situation they were in thats why they put so much into blue ray, cell, an the Ps3, because if things dont go completly right there MIGHT not be a PS4 or it really might take 10 years to get know they did say they expect the ps3 to last 10 years!!

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