Nintendo Feels That Working On Smartphones And Tablets Would "Decrease Brand Value"

Performance is temporarily getting better, you can’t get a true feel for Mario on smartphone or tablet, and this would also lead to a decrease in brand value over the long term.

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lilbroRx3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Nintendo software exist solely to sale Nintendo hardware as Nintendo is primarily a hardware company.

I don't see people who game on Sony hardware asking for Sony franchises to be put on smart phone. Why would people want this of Nitnendo? Wouldn't an iPhone/iPad version of Little Big Planet make money?

Zodiac3953d ago

"Wouldn't an iPhone/iPad version of Little Big Planet make money?"

You can't say that here. Look, if you wanna talk about that, then meet me at the Logic and Reason Coffee House. *slips paper with address into your hands*

You didn't here notin' from me.

darthv723953d ago

unless their next big hardware piece is the culmination of their successful portable skills coupled with the tablet/smartphone generation.

It may be that their games wont go to other devices but other device apps and games can come to the nintendo hardware.

Like a kindle fire...nintendo edition with full support for vc games as well as apps and media.

AJBACK2FRAG3953d ago

Why do you think Nintendo merged their home console and handheld divisions? It is my opinion that in five or six years you'll have a handheld that is also a piece of a larger scale home console. Maybe.

gamer423953d ago

@AJBACK2FRAG I'm sticking with my theory that they're making a smaller gamepad like hand held that stream console games to your TV.

iamnsuperman3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

There is a difference though between putting LBP on a smartphone and putting a 15 year old game on a smartphone. Nintendo are potentially sitting on a huge money sack if they put the original Mario Bros on mobile devices. Hell any company should be doing this. After 15 years these games are not selling the brand anymore. Having such an old game on other devices wouldn't hurt the Nintendo brand either. I am not saying put it on the PS4/One (that is a step to far) but Android and ios.

They could reach a larger market and get younger children (who have these devices now) into Mario games while making a profit. They play a very old Mario game on an iPhone and hey like it. They then see the Wii U has a new Mario game and they want it. That is penetration of the mobile market while making a profit.

I am not saying put newer games on there (that is ludicrous and no one is suggesting that) but 15 year old games would fit as they don't sell systems anymore

lilbroRx3953d ago

How does the age of the franshise make a difference.

What bearing does one franchise being 5 year's old and one being 15 years old have on the future integrity of the franchise? Logically it would be wiser to put the new, less known, less available franchise on more platforms to increase its recognition. Putting something that is well known in more places makes people more tired of seeing it.

guitarded773953d ago

@ lilbroRx

I personally don't care if any pub/dev takes their games to mobile (outside of dedicated handheld) or not, but your point about Sony on mobile doesn't really stand. Sony has PlayStation Mobile and is investing heavily in Gaikai for PS software to be on mobile devices. They want their games on phones and tablets.

Sure, I don't think phones and tablets will ever offer the experience of the dedicated handheld or console, but Sony is doing it.

Nintendo's issue is that their classics are being emulated on mobile devices and tablets. Nintendo could be selling NES, SNES, etc games on these mobile devices and making money. If people are running these emulators on phones and tablets, there is a demand, and Nintendo could be using that money from mobile sales to boost investment in Wii U, which is currently costing more and more money in R/D.

Parents often buy a game or two on mobile devices to occupy their child. If Nintendo was on mobile, more people would buy because they know the name Nintendo. All I'm saying is that us "core" gamers may not give a crap, but there is a huge market worth billions which Nintendo is missing out on.

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logan_izer103953d ago

It's true, their hardware sucks. Their games are great. So dropping Mario titles on a tablet or phone would likely depreciate their brand value.

JBSleek3953d ago

What the hell did you just say...

logan_izer103953d ago

My opinion is that they need their games(Mario, Zelda, etc) to sell their hardware. I think casual gamers may assume that once Mario games hit tablets, purchasing a Nintendo system would become less likely. Just my opinion is all

dark-hollow3953d ago

To play the devil's advocate, ea, capcom, square enix etc. Release some of their classics on smart phones and it didn't harm their brands that much.

You could argue that classic pokemon games would play perfectly on a touchscreen without any compromission. Still am very against abandoning the traditional buttons for touchscreens for gaming in general.

grashopper3953d ago

I would love to see a Advance Wars on my phone. Would work perfectly for that type of game.
I think they could test the waters with some smaller titles made for mobile with it being like a prologue for a 3DS retail game. "the story continues on" kinda thing...

boikanyo3953d ago

i agree with nintendo it will decrease their brand value 4sur...

TongkatAli3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Their stock price would double if they did this and they would lose no value. Hardware sales might go down, but the software sales would come back in the triple making more money then the hardware sales.

Look how big the smartphone market is and throw in official Nintendo games on their digital stores and BOOM! Huge gains.

This would be my idea for Nintendo go 3rd party, but still make hardware cause people will buy your hardware no matter what cause its cheap and family friendly, you wouldn't worry about your kids breaking a 3DS, but with Galaxies and Iphones that is a different story.

Keep making hardware and go 3rd party, but give scarps like old Pokemon games and Mario as your third party support.

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Remaster sonic shuffle. I had tons of fun with that game back during the DC days.

Number1TailzFan9h ago

May as well just do a Mario Party crossover, I mean they did have the Olympics games

Profchaos1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

I don't get Sega there's years when they clearly get it like sonic mania but there's years where they just slap the branding on a random game and call it a day.


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