Why Rock Band UK Pricing Is Really Broken

Nidzumi Writes : Today EA finally announced the pricing and bundles for Rock Band in the UK and such an announcement should be celebrated right? Well we recently posted on how much it should cost but those estimates were way off....

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General Pinky3940d ago

What is that...come on...i waiting for a long time for this game(like the PS3 owers)joking)and now you tell me that i have to pay more...dam you EA...oi well i will still get it...cos GH3 s*ck*...

dale13940d ago

with gtaiv, mgs4,haze,already got gt5 prologue rock band not even on the radar ea can keep that sh*t

TheHater3940d ago

EA keep screwing ps3 owners and European Gamers.
I hope Playstation 3 owners boycott this game to send a message to them. I also hope that 360 owners over there in Europe also boycott this game because it don't think it fair for them to pay $100's of dollars more for a game we American got several months ago.
By the way, Rock Band is one hell of a game :)

Zarfoz3940d ago

In fact it's £100 more, which is about $200.
Now that's insane!

Mr PS33940d ago

If people wanna be a rock star they can buy Guitar starter packs with an amp cheaper than that
You Fuc*in morons EA

Microshaft3940d ago

Im just going to buy the game cheap and import the instruments like it said. F*** EA and their BS prices like they need the money.