LittleBigPlanet coming to PSP?

LittleBigPlanet is currently in development for the PSP at Sony Studio Liverpool, a source has told CVG today.

No further details were offered as to how the game will work on the PSP, but if true, CVG would expect the portable edition to feature link up options with the PS3 version, set for release in September.

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shine13963898d ago

I was gonna say that this just gets better and better for sony but if you think about, lbp and psp, well its a no I ain't even heard a rumour about know what its becoming a cliche now but 2008 seems to sony all the way.....

Cwalat3898d ago

wonder how the customization will work ?
its all gonna be very tiny and hard to see.. so i think this will only include PLAY mode...

Lifendz3898d ago

If I can cruise the levels others have created that should be more than enough. LBP just became a must have for me.

masterg3898d ago

I hope customisation will work on PSP.
It would be the ultimate timekiller for people traveling.

Salvadore3898d ago

They should allow PS3-PSP connectivity enabling people to download user created content on to their PSP or export content from the PSP to the PS3.

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destroyah3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

A downgraded version maybe. PSP can't handle the physics & photo realistic textures we've seen from the PS3 version.

Definitely something to look forward to.

Fishy Fingers3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

That would be great.

Id love to be able to make levels on my PS3, download them to the PSP and play them on the move. The possibility to up load these maps to a friends PS3 through the PSP would also be useful.

Obviously, this wont be quite the same game, like destroyah said, the PSP simply wont be able to handle LBP as we know it, but I hope this is true, Media Molecule/Sony have the talent/ability and perhaps even the time to release this alongside the PS3 in September.

Denges3898d ago

If its being able to play LBP of remote play .. that would be megaton

tweaker3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

This is a great addition to the PS family. Although, I'd rather enjoy LBP on my 70" HD in 1080p glory.

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The story is too old to be commented.