Web could collapse as video demand soars

The internet could grind to a halt within two years under the pressure of booming demand for online video, experts have warned.

Last year it was said that YouTube consumed as much capacity as the entire internet took up in 2000

Soaring visitor numbers to video websites such as YouTube and the BBC's iPlayer are putting the copper wires, which underpin parts of the internet, under severe strain.

Experts warn that unless billions of pounds is spent on upgrading the web's infrastructure, it could slow down or even collapse. An internet meltdown would have a disastrous impact on the economy.

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tplarkin73935d ago

Politics of fear: The earth will be virtually destroyed in 30 years according to them. Now, the internet will implode in 2 years. I guess Algore goofed up by inventing it. Don't worry, just pay him money to plant trees in the Amazon to offset the internet use, here.

OpiZA3935d ago

Where are all the kings horses and all the kings men, when you need them...

LeonSKennedy4Life3935d ago

Bubbles for you sir...that was hilarious.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43935d ago

Bang goes Micro$oft's HDi then!!! ;-D

sandip7873935d ago

another thing that can break the internet - typing google into google. dont do it guys.

Daewoodrow3935d ago

This is a GOOD thing. Nothing will make the government commit to upgrading the national cabling infrastructure. But maybe if faced with the prospect of nationwide internet COLLAPSE they would get off their collective arses and open their wallets. Then maybe the consumer wont be paying extortionate amounts to have "superfast" "broadband" pumped through victorian era copper cabling.

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