WipEout HD gameplay footage blow-out

As you can see by heading over to's recent hands-on preview, they're pretty excited about WipEout HD. The problem is that you can only get so much of what the game is like by reading what they think. In an attempt to give you a better shot at understanding how good a job Sony's Liverpool Studio is doing with the game, put together un-cut gameplay footage of the four tracks featured in the most recent build, along with some gameplay from the stunning Zone

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yanikins1113898d ago

Is this only being released on psn? Stupid move. I prefer disc. And how many millions of people dont have a broadband connection?

tweaker3898d ago

I agree. I hope Sony does come to their senses enough to release a BR version. This is not the typical game for me, but I am indeed going to purchase it if it does come out in a disc. I like the feeling that I have a choice to resell or trade it in, when it comes to the point that I'm completely done with it.

MikeGdaGod3898d ago

i'm just not interested in this game anymore. i used to love Wipeout games but now it just doesn't do anything for me.

looks good but i think i'll pass on this.

stuntman_mike3898d ago

im sure it was des lynham (his a tv presenter in the uk, usually sports programs) who says 3,2,1 at the start.

shysun3898d ago

Damn, thats a PSN game?! Best looking PSN game to date!

Vitalogy3898d ago

Will be released on PSN at first but, then will be released on BD also.

kwicksandz3898d ago

i dont really care for FF or little big planet but the wipeout series is one that i have always liked. once they release gt5 and not gt5p + this and mgs4 i think a ps3 might be a worthy investment!

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